Five Promotional Content Management Best Practices to Get Your Messages to Market Faster

As a pharmaceutical marketer, you’re hit on both sides. Not only are you charged with delivering effective, on-target messaging, but also with keeping a keen eye on where promotional content is disseminated. With the evolution of newer customer engagement channels like social media and closed-loop marketing, it’s now important to focus on not just the message but also its method of distribution and withdrawal. Knowing where every marketing piece is at any given moment has become an enormous challenge.

To effectively manage the content review, dissemination, and retrieval processes in a multichannel world, here are five best practices in content management that will help make your job a lot easier:

1. Flexible and Adjustable Workflows – With the number of stakeholders involved in the promotional content development and review process, workflows that allow reviewers to be added easily and permit rapid routing changes as employee roles change are crucial. For assets slated for use in multiple markets, it’s also best practice to build local market reviews into the project timing and process flow.

2. Central Claims Management – A central claims repository helps keep your team aligned during message development. Quick search and easy withdrawal of outdated or expired claims are also key to promotional content compliance.

3. Complete Cloud-Based Systems – The most advanced systems on the market are cloud-based, giving your reviewers access to shared content from a single, secure location. Systems that manage the end-to-end promotional review process, from content creation and approval to distribution and withdrawal, offer the most advantage and efficiency. The system you choose should deliver continuous innovation, enabling you to keep pace with changing market, regulatory, and legal requirements.

4. Global Shared Content – A global, shared content repository enables team collaboration. A single source for all artwork and digital assets, as well as appproved content and reference documents, is the gold standard. Shared repositories reduce time spent searching for content and allow for the reuse and repurposing of materials on a global basis, saving pharma marketers and agencies both time and money.

5. Multichannel Alignment – As digital communications multiply exponentially and social media drives content sharing at breakneck speed, delivering relevant assets and maintaining compliance across channels is a significant challenge. A promotional review system that connects to all digital channels allows content to be delivered and withdrawn quickly and seamlessly.

These best practices help marketers rid their organizations of the delays and inefficiencies that often plague promotional content management. Streamlining the process from end to end – and thereby closing the gaps that endanger compliance – helps reduce the regulatory risk of off-label or non-compliant materials. By applying these best practices, you’ll reap the many benefits that fast-paced, global communication channels can extend to your brand – without the risks and performance headaches.

Bill Robinson is director of Vault PromoMats strategy


Transforming Multichannel Content Distribution