Agency Certification

Agency Certification

As of Summer 2015, agency partners have had the opportunity to earn both company-wide and employee-level certifications by multichannel product. This enables Veeva customers to have greater visibility into which agencies and project teams have experience across which products within the multichannel product suite.

Company-wide Certification

Agency partners that wish to become certified by product must demonstrate the pre-defined criteria highlighted below based on the certificate desired. Reviews are held every other month. Certificates must be renewed annually.

Certification must be completed by each agency partner. Those found to be offering to take the exams on the behalf of others and those found to be accepting such services will result in the termination of partnership.

Upcoming reviews are listed below:

  • Review #7: Content due July 15th; response provided by July 29th
  • Review #8: Content due September 9th; response provided by September 23rd
  • Review #9: Content due November 11th; response provided by November 25th
  • Click here to view pre-defined criteria by product:

    Employee-level Certification

    Individuals currently employed at agency partners have the option to prove their personal expertise by multichannel product. Those who wish to participate can register via the Agency Portal. Participants have two opportunities to pass each exam. The exams are each comprised of 40 multiple choice questions. Upon passing with an 85% or higher, participants earn a certificate that can be printed and shared with customers and prospects. Certificates are valid for one year.

    For more information on both certification opportunities, reach out to your Program Manager or to