Connecting Sales and Marketing for Effective Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Nearly 70% of all healthcare providers (HCPs) are digital natives.1 Shaped by their personal experiences with mobile, social, and digital, HCPs are redefining what “engagement” means as they expect more personalized and relevant information regardless of where they are or how they interact.

Life sciences companies need to evolve their model to thrive in this shifting landscape. By connecting their technology, content, and data across sales, medical, and marketing, organizations can deliver a consistent, personalized experience across all channels.

Here are some ways that the combined integration of Veeva CRM, Vault PromoMats, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud can improve your HCP engagement and nurture strategy:

Deliver Personalized Experiences at Every Key Interaction

Tracking customer insights and activities from across all of your touchpoints empowers sales, medical, and marketing teams to plan better and execute with more precision.

For example, marketing launches an email campaign to promote the new medical education website that they built using Salesforce Communities. A target customer opens the email and visits the portal, receiving a relevant web experience based on his or her profile. That action provides greater insight into your customer’s needs and enables sales to tailor the call objective and associated content for the next rep visit.

“Veeva and Salesforce enable pharma companies to create more engaging customer journeys,” said David Logue, senior vice president of commercial strategy at Veeva Europe. “Sales and marketing teams have complete visibility into field activities and results to drive more personalized interactions.”

Delivering an integrated view of customer activities across your in-field channels has long been a core benefit of Veeva CRM. Extending this view to incorporate non-CRM channels traditionally required complex and expensive integration. But with a simple and fast integration to Veeva CRM, Salesforce Marketing Cloud makes it easy to plan campaigns and customer journeys across channels.

Build Compliant Customer Journeys with Approved Content

Planning and executing customer activities across sales, medical, and marketing is at the heart of the customer journey. But HCP’s need for information is driven as much by the patients seeking advice than by a company’s timetable for campaigns, meetings, or calls.

Being able to design journeys to manage activity across in-field and digital channels is crucial, but ensuring that each interaction is pulling the most relevant and accurate content is equally vital. By integrating Vault PromoMats with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, marketers can create the foundation to design campaigns that address customers’ needs with the right content, in the right channel, at the right engagement level.

Journeys also need to be responsive and compliant to be effective. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can leverage the same approved content from Vault PromoMats as used in Veeva CRM. This enables instant omnichannel availability and eliminates the risk of non-compliant digital interactions. The integration ensures your customer journey always uses the latest approved content.

Take Digital Engagement to the Next Level

Life sciences companies are increasingly looking at data science and the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to support both decision-making and functionality.

With advanced intelligence across Veeva Commercial Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can:

  • Personalize HCP interactions: AI capabilities combined with Veeva CRM analyze sales rep behaviors, customer preferences, and sales performance to provide ‘next best action’ recommendations within a rep’s daily workflow. Some examples include which HCP to contact next, the most effective channel for outreach, as well as proposed content and messaging.
  • Automate promotional claims across countries, channels, and assets: Vault PromoMats includes built-in intelligence to help you link from claims to related references, improving the speed and compliance of your content development.
  • Improve customer relationships with compliant note capture: Veeva CRM detects risks such as off-label messaging and inappropriate words, enabling your field teams to build richer customer relationships.

The Power of Sales and Marketing Collaboration

If pharma is to design and deliver consistently great customer experiences, sales and marketing must be empowered to think, plan, and act as one. Using marketing automation tightly integrated with your CRM and content management platforms can help you share a common 360° customer view to deliver coordinated customer journeys and personalized engagement.

Watch this 3-minute video to learn how LEO Pharma transformed their customer engagement strategy using Veeva CRM, Vault PromoMats, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to personalize information and enable new digital capabilities.

1 Across Health and Veeva: Intelligent HCP Engagement