Streamlined 17 versions of HCP data to one accurate global source
Completed change requests 94% faster than the industry average of 10 days
Increased HCP
Accelerated commercial content review and approval

Fast-growing global specialty pharmaceutical company enhances commercial infrastructure as part of holistic approach to educate healthcare professionals and increase engagement

According to the 2017 World Drug Report, 29.5 million people suffer from drug use disorders. For more than two decades, Indivior has innovated medicines for the treatment of opioid use disorder and employs a wide range of activities to educate and engage healthcare professionals (HCPs) about the disease. In preparation to launch a new product, Indivior recognized the need to scale its global commercial infrastructure quickly to better enable brand and field teams to educate HCPs upon approval.

The Challenge: Multiple Systems Operating in a Complex, Highly Regulated Product Landscape

As a fast-growing company, Indivior knew it needed to enhance capabilities and resources to rapidly scale its global operations to keep pace with business and market growth. The external business landscape was also evolving rapidly. In the US, overall public awareness of the opioid epidemic had contributed to regulatory measures to expand treatment capacity, additional public funding, and focused, coordinated efforts to help combat the epidemic. At the same time, the company was preparing for a new product launch.

Strategically, the time had come for Indivior to assess its existing operational commercial infrastructure, tools, processes, and systems to support multichannel engagement with HCPs and to help enable a successful new product launch. In addition to focusing on internal operating systems, Indivior also recognized the need to respond to several unique market challenges. While implementation of new legislation had significantly expanded the number of HCPs licensed to prescribe medication assisted treatment (MAT), access to HCPs was limited in some of the rural areas most impacted by opioid use disorder, making digital channels critical to reach all relevant prescribers. Indivior also wanted to ensure that HCP education and engagement regarding the new product attributes and delivery platform were effectively and compliantly delivered by its field teams.

“We have specialized field teams called clinical liaisons that engage in lengthy, one-on-one educational discussions with physicians, so we wanted to ensure materials were detailed, accurate, and compliant,” said Dianne Goodburn, commercial EMEA IT director at Indivior. “In addition, we also wanted to enable our teams to leverage new digital capabilities as much as possible.”

The Solution: Veeva Commercial Cloud

Indivior moved to Veeva Commercial Cloud as its global commercial foundation for more efficient, agile, and smarter HCP interactions. With Veeva Commercial Cloud, the company gained a proven foundation that brings together multichannel CRM, HCP data, and compliant content to improve field activities.

“We adopted a ‘cloud first’ strategy so that our commercial infrastructure could easily scale to support long-term growth and enable us to leverage the latest innovations,” said Ingo Elfering, chief information officer at Indivior. “We have no physical data centers and prefer cloud-based solutions to remain agile and poised for change.”

Veeva enabled Indivior to standardize its commercial processes globally with the support of a single, integrated platform, which also improved IT efficiency by reducing the administrative and maintenance burden of multiple systems.

“Veeva Commercial Cloud allows us to speed the entire commercialization process – from pre-launch planning with better data, to creating and distributing content, and all of our field interactions.” Donnell Brockenbrough, Commercial NA IT Director, Indivior

Indivior Improves Engagement with Veeva CRM Suite

Veeva CRM Suite helped Indivior’s field teams be more agile and deliver a truly seamless, multichannel HCP experience. Clinical liaisons and field reimbursement specialists are all actively using the system, so the company is capturing greater HCP data in real-time for richer insights, improved decision-making, and higher-quality interactions with HCPs.

“Veeva CRM Suite is paving our path to digital, and is a vital solution to efficiently engaging the right HCPs to deliver the right care.” Ingo Elfering, Chief Information Officer, Indivior

Multichannel Veeva CRM provides Indivior with an end-to-end solution to coordinate all HCP interactions and opens new digital channels for improved engagement with HCPs. The company’s clinical liaisons are reaching more prescribers with more efficiency in difficult-to-access rural locations, which further enables Indivior to reduce obstacles that stand in the way of patients seeking treatment. For example, Indivior is using Veeva CRM Approved Email to start conversations with HCPs and quickly deliver compliant content.

In Europe, Indivior is also using Veeva CRM Engage for compliant online meetings with HCPs from any device without sacrificing one-on-one educational discussions that are central to Indivior’s commercial approach. Elfering noted, “Veeva CRM Engage Meeting allows us to extend reach to more physicians and is a much faster way to meaningfully engage with HCPs rather than sending our clinical liaisons out to distant, remote areas.”

“Digital is an effective way to tackle the challenges around opioid addiction and get information to HCPs all over the world quickly,” said Elfering. “Veeva CRM Suite is paving our path to digital, and is a vital solution to efficiently engaging the right HCPs to deliver the right care.”

Veeva CRM Suite Delivers Current HCP Data

Another important part of Veeva CRM Suite is Veeva OpenData. Before adopting Veeva Commercial Cloud, Indivior had two HCP data sources and worked from 17 different versions of the same data source across North America and Europe. Not only was this an administrative burden, but it also made it difficult for teams to reliably know if they were working from the most current information.

With Veeva, Indivior consolidated its sources to make it easier to validate new HCP data and ensure the company is always working from the latest, most accurate data. Veeva OpenData provides Indivior with a single, up-to-date source of HCP reference data right in Veeva CRM. Veeva Commercial Cloud applications are also continuously updated to enable compliance in the face of fast-changing regulations.

Veeva OpenData provides access to more than 16 million HCPs spanning 42 countries. It keeps data current using a combination of data science and data stewards who make change requests within hours versus the industry average of 10 days or more. Indivior now makes data change requests 94% faster, from 5 to 10 days to just a few hours.

“By switching to Veeva OpenData, we removed the inefficiency of managing multiple contracts and gained a single source of data that’s always accurate and secure – a major advantage with today’s highly complex, evolving compliance requirements,” said Goodburn.

“By switching to Veeva OpenData, we removed the inefficiency of managing multiple contracts and gained a single source of data that’s always accurate and secure – a major advantage with today’s highly complex, evolving compliance requirements.” Dianne Goodburn, Commercial EMEA IT Director, Indivior

Compliant, Reusable Commercial and Medical Content

Indivior adopted Veeva Vault PromoMats in Veeva Commercial Cloud to enable a streamlined content creation, review, and approval process of educational and promotional materials. Today, commercial content is created and approved through Veeva Vault PromoMats and then delivered to members of the field team, based on their role, through Veeva CRM, driving promotional and educational materials to market 50% faster.

Veeva Vault PromoMats also plays a critical role in ensuring that commercial and medical teams have access to the latest approved materials. In addition, Indivior has nearly 40 regional medical scientists across the U.S. and Europe using Veeva Vault MedComms to access approved medical content to ensure consistency and compliance globally. These content management solutions help Indivior maintain compliant HCP interactions.

“Veeva Vault PromoMats and Veeva Vault MedComms have dramatically simplified the content approval process so we can focus on expanding our reach globally,” explained Brockenbrough.

What’s Next

Veeva Commercial Cloud combines accurate content and HCP data to enable Indivior to carry out intelligent HCP interactions. Field teams have a complete view of HCP behavior to make informed decisions while delivering the right information to help HCPs treat patients more effectively. In the future, the company will continue to expand its digital capabilities through solutions such as Veeva CRM Engage Webinar, which makes virtual events easy and compliant.

As Indivior continues to grow, it is also turning to additional Veeva solutions to support other parts of the business. For example, the company recently rolled out Veeva Development Cloud applications to streamline product development processes in the areas of regulatory and quality. “Veeva’s purpose-built cloud solutions for life sciences are supporting rapid expansion across our organization as we pursue our mission to provide treatment for millions of people across the globe struggling with addiction,” concluded Elfering.

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