No More Data Migrations

With a modern, cloud-based architecture, Veeva Vault CDMS enables life sciences companies to amend the clinical study database with total ease and zero downtime.

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Protocol Changes are Top Cause for Database Build Delays

According to the Tufts eClinical Landscape Study, 45% of respondents say the most common cause for database build delays are protocol changes, underscoring the challenge data management professionals have in dealing with changes as they finalize the clinical trial database for the start of the trial. This highlights the need for standards and systems that support more flexible design and rapid development.

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Why Are Study Amendments So Complex?

Building a house and building a study database both require careful planning and adherence to specifications. But when updates are needed, the processes couldn't be more different. Updating a protocol requires copying the database, making the changes, and migrating all the study data over to the new database. Veeva is rethinking the amendment process to update only the net changes, saving you time and money.

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Implementing Study Amendments Without EDC Data Migrations

With the rise of personalized medicine and adaptive trials, amendments will only become more challenging. Veeva allows for an underlying database design that is as dynamic as the clinical trial itself. With an architecture designed to support multiple CRF designs and make real-time changes, Veeva delivers a better EDC that eliminates the need for migrations altogether.

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