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Veeva SiteVault is not another sponsor portal. It’s a site-owned technology that helps research sites to manage their e-regulatory needs in one location and reduce the administrative burden. SiteVault also supports remote monitoring by providing monitors with secure, direct access to regulatory and source documents to assist with source data review (SDR) and source data verification (SDV).

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Learn About SiteVault

Getting started videos for monitors and CRAs
Veeva SiteVault supports the requirements for monitors to conduct Remote Monitoring of both Source and Regulatory Documents. Watch these videos in sequential order to learn how to get started with SiteVault as a CRA or monitor.
Veeva Site Connect
Learn how to automate information sharing for better collaboration and faster trials.
Product brief
Read how to simplify trial conduct for sites.

SiteVault Startup Memo
Provide to sites that would like more information about SiteVault in the Feasibility Survey ahead of site selection.
Site Training Memo
This memo can be sent to a site to invite them to sign up for SiteVault training and confirm signup for SiteVault.
Accepting Agreement
This memo can be sent to a site as a guide to accepting their Agreement and providing steps for completing their Regulatory Document Package.
Ad-hoc Exchange and RegDoc
This memo can be sent to a site to help them complete documents, typically post-RegDoc packages.

Step-by-step guide
Video tutorials and resources to help sites get up and running fast.
Getting started checklist for Research Sites
This checklist provides a roadmap to help sites get started with SiteVault and navigate through help resources available.
Youtube channel
Watch the playlist to get a comprehensive view into the capabilities of SiteVault.
Technology Strategy Template
Use our Technology Strategy Template to help your site increase the positive impact of technology for site staff.
Time and Cost Savings
Read how SiteVault can provide long-term material cost savings and time efficiencies.
FAQ for Sites
Find answers to some of SiteVault’s most frequently asked questions.

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