Top Features in Multichannel Veeva CRM You Should Use Right Now

Life Sciences brands are redefining HCP communications in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. From February to November 2020, the number of Veeva CRM Approved Emails have increased by three times and field reps hosted 70 times more Veeva CRM Engage Meetings.1

With this rapid shift in customer engagement practices, delivering capabilities to support the needs of a dynamic industry is critical. “Our dedication to product excellence and rapid innovation helps Veeva customers quickly deploy new digital capabilities and channels” said Arno Sosna, general manager of Veeva CRM. “We’re continually reimagining Veeva CRM to give customers a flexible solution that accommodates the way they work.”

Here’s a recap of five Multichannel Veeva CRM innovations that will help you drive better digital engagement and user experience.

1. Salesforce Lightning Business Apps for Veeva CRM

What is it: Veeva CRM Lightning Business Apps give users a personalized experience with functionality based on different roles and tasks. Veeva CRM provides four Lightning Business Apps to use and customize based on business requirements. Each app is included with the Veeva CRM license and contains default configuration for Tabs, Views, and Page Layouts:

  • Brand Operations App: Provides insights into the brand, content utilization, and performance across channels
  • Key Account Manager App: Focuses on Account planning and execution processes needed to manage key accounts across teams
  • Pharmacy Sales App: Streamlines tracking, management, and execution of daily administrative tasks around the sales order process
  • Primary Care Sales App: Supports the planning, execution, and analysis of the call and sampling processes

How this feature will help you: By providing tailored capabilities for different business users, the Lightning Business Apps improve usability and productivity. Here are three main business benefits:

  1. Streamlined navigation: boost productivity with a workspace built to accommodate the way you work.
  2. Role-based data visualization capabilities: focus on business insights that matter to your role to complete your tasks.
  3. Enhanced flexibility for faster execution: save time with the ability to toggle between apps with ease.

Use case: 5-minute demo


Learn more about Veeva CRM Lightning Experience.

2. Veeva CRM Dynamic Attributes

What is it: Veeva CRM Dynamic Attributes enable business end users to quickly add new data fields in Veeva CRM and capture additional information about healthcare professionals and their organizations without IT support. The attributes display in a dedicated section on the account page layout, differentiating them from standard account fields.

How this feature will help you: This new feature empowers business users by eliminating the need to burden the IT team for support. Capturing account information, such as detailed targeting and customer segmentation, is easy and enhances go-to-market planning. Some use cases for which Dynamic Attributes will be useful:

  • Feedback from a marketing campaign
  • Quick survey/profiling question
  • Metrics to be gathered as part of a new launch

Use case: 2-minute demo


3. Veeva CRM MyInsights Visualization Sharing

What is it: Veeva CRM MyInsights Visualization Sharing enables users to share MyInsights visulizations using iOS share actions.

How this feature will help you: This new feature allows end-users to share information from customized visualizations with people who do not have access to Veeva CRM. Below are three business scenarios where exporting the MyInsights visualization supports the rep’s workflow:

  • Create a copy of your Territory Performance report: A commercial sales rep needs to share the current Call Plan page with her manager as part of an upcoming coaching session. She navigates to the MyInsights visualization that shows the Call Plan progress where she is able to print a copy to make notes and review in the meeting.
  • Email a KOL profile to senior members of the organization: An MSL needs to share the profile of a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) with a senior member of the Commercial Team for an upcoming appointment they have with the said KOL. The senior member does not interact with CRM and just needs to view the KOL profile. The MSL navigates to the MyInsights KOL profile view and can easily email it to the senior member.
  • Share Account Plan Progress for an HCO: A KAM manager reviews the Account Plan Progress visualization which shows top level progress metrics for a specific HCO. The KAM managers can save this view locally to an iOS file drive to use it in an upcoming business meeting.

Use case: 2-minute demo


4. Veeva CRM Approved Notes

What is it: Veeva CRM Approved Notes allows customers to monitor free-text fields, such as pre-call or post-call notes, for compliance purposes while enabling field reps to record detailed notes directly in Veeva CRM.

Approved Notes consist of the following processes:

  1. Creating Monitoring Rules and Phrases: Compliance users define fields and phrases for monitoring.
  2. Viewing Approved Notes Monitoring Results: Compliance users receive an email with results and metrics from the monitoring process.
  3. Reviewing Violations: Compliance users review the notes text with violations and provide feedback on whether the violation is correct or not.

The compliant note-taking functionality is included in Veeva CRM.

How this feature will help you: By detecting compliance risks such as off-label messaging and inappropriate words, reps can build stronger customer relationships and drive more informed, compliant interactions.

Use case: 4-minute demo


Learn how Upsher-Smith capture reps’ free-text notes with Veeva CRM Approved Notes.

5. Veeva CRM Engage Meeting: New Capabilities

  1. Email Consent Capture
  2. What is it: Users can choose between capturing an in-person signature or sending a double opt-in confirmation email to collect email consent.

  3. Remote signature capture for sampling
  4. What is it: Field reps can capture and fulfill HCP sample requests while hosting an Engage Meeting in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and PDMA requirements. Reps can confirm license and address information, validate sample details, and save HCP signatures as part of the call record. HCP signatures can be captured online across a mobile device or desktop.

  5. Medical inquiry:
  6. What is it: Reps can compliantly capture signatures for HCP medical inquiries while hosting an Engage Meeting in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and PDMA requirements.

  7. HCP experience rating
  8. What is it: Attendees can rate their meeting experience, granting customers insights into the quality of the remote experience.

How these features will help you: By capturing remote consent and signatures compliantly, companies can deliver drug samples without the need for a face-to-face meeting. Reps can complete the same compliant process they would follow during an in-person meeting. HCP experience ratings enable customers to determine how remote interactions can be improved in the future.

Use case: 3-minute demo


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