Veeva Heroes: Driving Innovation, Navigating Change

We announced our 2017 Veeva Heroes at our most recent European Commercial & Medical Summit, bringing the total number to 30 since we first introduced heroes in Europe.

Our Heroes are those people whose commitment, experience, and expertise have shaped and delivered successful Veeva projects for our customers. Our Heroes connect people across departments and geographies to create teams that work together with a clear vision for success. They look beyond the technical implementation to the impact on the people and processes that drive the business, and they implement best practice to ensure success. And our Heroes drive innovation so that projects deliver tangible business impact.

Veeva Heroes partner with Veeva to facilitate change and break down barriers, ensuring that their Veeva implementation delivers the best results for their business.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the class of 2017 Veeva Heroes:

Astellas Pharma
Sebastien Bayet, CRM and Commercial Excellence Stream Lead

Over the last few years, Sebastien has built an internal ambassadors program to increase Veeva adoption across Astellas. Sebastien, working with the ambassadors, connected with stakeholders across the business to identify areas where Veeva solutions can improve processes and drive efficiency.

For example, you can find out how Astellas improved its territory alignment process from this Summit presentation Astellas: Improving Organizational Agility with Veeva Align.

Susan Darbey, Change Management Lead

Susan redefined change management with the global rollout of Veeva Vault PromoMats! Her “continuous loop” communications ensure that lessons learned from the roll-out in one market are rigorously applied in other areas so that best practice is codified and shared. In this way, Susan has driven continuous improvement in communication, training, and stakeholder management.

You can find out more the Veeva Vault PromoMats project in this Summit presentation AstraZeneca: Practical Change Management in the Marketing and Medical Digital Supply Chain.

Melissa Thomas, CRM International Region Project Director

Melissa personifies the cooperation between business and IT that is essential to every successful project. She emphasised the importance of effective governance to manage the complexity of Ipsen’s multi-country roll out of Veeva CRM. Founded on a consistently-communicated global vision, she is managing a successful project across 20 countries.

You can find more about the Ipsen Veeva CRM project in this Summit presentation Ipsen: CRM – Catalyst for Change?

Pierre Fabre
Zied Belkhodja, CRM Business Analyst

I know that Zied prides himself on being analytical and data-driven – it is no surprise, then, that he has been instrumental in applying an insights-driven approach at Pierre Fabre with the introduction of Veeva CRM MyInsights.

You can find out more about Pierre Fabre’s approach in this Summit presentation Pierre Fabre: Getting Started with Veeva CRM MyInsights.

I want to thank not only our heroes but also everyone who works to drive meaningful, lasting change with Veeva solutions.

And please mark your calendar from 3-5 December for this year’s Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit, Europe to find out who will be our 2018 heroes.

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