Veeva Vault Release Updates

본 페이지는 연중 정기적으로 진행되는 Veeva Vault 릴리즈를 소개하고 제품 개선 및 신기능은 물론 릴리즈 관리에 대한 가이드를 제공합니다. 한국어로 진행되는 릴리즈 웨비나 다시 보기 및 국문 자료를 살펴보세요.

Veeva Vault는 연중 9번의 월간 릴리즈와 3번의 일반 릴리즈 사이클로 새로운 기능 및 기능 개선 사항들을 제품에 반영합니다.


Release Management 안내 동영상 (한국어)

Vault Action UI

새로운 Vault 인터페이스인 Action UI 사항에 대해 본 웨비나 다시보기 영상을 통해 개선된 UI 기능을 살펴보세요.

  • Modern Look and Feel

    • Updated header, color / shading, spacing and icons
  • Notification Badge

    • Move notifications to make it accessible anywhere in Vault
    • New icon for notifications
  • Action Bar

    • Learn and show most frequent actions on records / documents for each user
    • For ‘more actions’ changed to familiar ellipsis icon (...)
  • Doc Info Page

    • New panel for Doc Info page
    • Simplified annotation toolbar

Vault Action UI Webinar -21R2


General PODs release date: 2021.04.17

21R1 릴리즈 웨비나 다시보기 영상을 통해 새로운 기능과 개선 사항들을 살펴보세요.


  • eTMF: TMF viewer for TMF Transfer

  • CTMS: CTMS Issue Management Enhancements

  • CTMS: Create Document from Template up-versioning

Learn more about Clinical features


  • QD-Process Navigator

  • QMS-Quality team: team role restrictions and enhancements

  • Training-Prerequisite Training

  • Training-Self-Registration for classroom training

Learn more about Quality features


  • Atomic Security for Document lifecycles

  • Expanded Search

  • Document Inbox

  • Formular Fields in Document Reports

  • Object & MDW Enhancements

  • Role permission

  • Rich text for Vault objects

Learn more about Platform features

21R1 release page on Vault Help

21R1 Vault Clinical Release Webinar

21R1 Vault Quality Release Webinar

General PODs release date: 2020.12.05

20R3 릴리즈 웨비나 다시보기 영상을 통해 새로운 기능과 개선 사항들을 살펴보세요.

20R3 릴리즈 주요 사항

[Key Features of 20R3 Release]

  • Object & Multi-Document Workflows Enhancement

    • Object & Multi-Document Workflows: Update Task Due Date
    • Object & Multi-Document Workflows: Ad Hoc Task Instruction
    • Object & Multi-Document Workflows: Undo Acceptance of Tasks
    • Object & Multi-Document Workflows: Additional Task & Workflow Initiator Tokens
    • Object & Multi-Document Workflows: Update Sharing Settings in Task Step
    • Object & Multi-Document Workflows: Default Users from Sharing Settings
    • Object & Multi-Document Workflows: Participant Control Help Labels
    • Object Workflows: Task Comment & Object Type Tokens
  • Atomic Security for Active Workflow Actions in Objects

    This feature allows Admins to have more granular control, based on lifecycle state and role, over the following active workflow actions: Cancel Workflow, Cancel Task, Reassign, Add Participants, and Update Task Due Date.

  • Object Formula Fields in Reports

    This feature allows users to define formula fields directly in their reports. This feature also expands the ability to define formula fields from System Admins to all users that have the ability to create and edit reports. Learn more about creating reports.

[Clinical Key Features]

  • TMF Viewer Doc Type Model Support

    The TMF Viewer has previously allowed users to select from the RM 2.0, RM 3.0, and Vault Clinical Docs document structures for displaying documents. This feature adds a fourth option that displays documents according to your configured document type hierarchy, such as a type, subtype, and classification folder structure. Learn more about TMF Viewer view models.

  • Trip Report Question Enhancements

    • One-Click Trip Report Question Data Entry
    • Displaying Required Responses & Comments in Trip Report Questions
    • Displaying Instructions on Trip Report Questions
    • Long-Text Trip Report Question Responses & Comments

20R3 release page on Vault Help

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General PODs release date: 2020.8.8

20R2 릴리즈 웨비나 다시보기 영상을 통해 새로운 기능과 개선 사항들을 살펴보세요.

20R2 릴리즈 주요 사항

  • Lifecycle & Workflow

    Atomic Security for Documents : Lifecycle User Actions

    With this release, Admins have more granular control, based on lifecycle state and role, over who can perform specific lifecycle user actions like changing document state and starting a workflow. For example, the Editor role may be able to start the Review workflow, but not the Expedited Approval workflow. Previously, access to start workflows or change a state was all or nothing: roles either had access t o all workflows or all state changes, or had access to none.

  • Working with Documents

    Collaborative Authoring: Save to Vault Button Update

    In the initial release of the Save to Vault feature, document owners and collaboration session starters would see a Check In button when viewing the document in Vault, with an additional option to Save to Vault in the Check In pop-up dialogue. With this release, we have made the interaction more consistent by making Save to Vault the primary button for all users, with a Check In option in a drop-down for users who have the ability to Check In.

  • Clinical Operations

    Clinical Network: Simple Transfer

    Simple Transfer provides Veeva Clinical Network users with the ability to transfer a set of study documents from the CRO to the Sponsor without requiring an extensive mapping operation. After establishing a connection between the two vaults, the CRO can select a study for transfer and send the approved TMF Reference Model 3.0 documents, the Study Country records, and the Study Site records to the Sponsor. Vault creates the documents as TMF Documents, a special new document type that decreases the amount of mapping required.

20R2 release page on Vault Help

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General PODs release date: 2020.4.18

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