How to Improve Customer Engagement with Rep Email

Traditionally, life sciences companies have reached out to customers using non-personal promotion like portals, websites, and mass email campaigns. When companies don’t see the desired levels of engagement, they tend to increase the volume of promotional outreach – which is both inefficient and ineffective. Face-to-face meetings lend themselves to more direct and substantive communication but those are getting shorter and less frequent. Companies can’t foster a continued dialogue on in-person calls alone.

To improve reach and customer engagement, the industry needs to facilitate ongoing conversations between the field force and healthcare providers (HCPs). Across most of the business world, email would be the first place to start creating more personalized interactions with particular customers. With good reason: doctors are far more likely to open email sent directly from their field rep than email from the company, according to research from AccessMonitor. Most life sciences reps, however, are restricted from emailing HCPs directly due to compliance risks.

The picture is changing with the help of solution purpose-built for life sciences, helping reps become more customer-centric. Email can serve as the key for bringing multiple channels together, to form a continuous, ongoing dialogue with the customer over time.

With email communication, reps can keep the conversation going after an in-person visit, or start new relationships with no-see physicians. Email can also serve as an entry point for guiding HCPs to even more channels—making the communication more compelling for the customer. Reps can link to an interactive web portal, for instance, where physicians can find tailored product information, ask questions via live chat, or schedule a rep call.

Watch this webinar, “Extending Customer Engagement with a Click of an Email,” where you will learn how to achieve:

  • Better results than mass emails, with far higher open rates
  • Improved customer experience with a personalized and consistent message
  • Ongoing engagement beyond face-to-face meetings

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