Development Cloud Demo Center

Development Cloud Demo Center

From clinical trials to quality and manufacturing, Veeva’s cloud-based content management applications are developed specifically for the global life sciences industry. See how different content management in the cloud can be by taking a look at the sneak peeks below, then be sure to contact us for more information.


Eliminate Silos, Drive Global Alignment See how Veeva Development Cloud connects end-to-end business processes across clinical, regulatory, quality, and safety for greater efficiency and compliance throughout the product lifecycle.

Veeva Vault Coder - 4:13

Veeva Vault Coder See how Veeva Vault Coder provides an intuitive interface and innovative coding tools that yield fast and accurate coding for any clinical trial.

TMF Bot Feature Demo - 3:01

AI in Veeva Vault eTMF Process documents more quickly and increase TMF quality with the TMF Bot, an artificial intelligence feature that automatically classifies uploaded and mobile-scanned documents. See it in action in Vault eTMF.


Veeva Vault for Clinical Operations - 2:29

Accelerate Trial Execution Watch how Veeva Vault for Clinical Operations leverages the Vault platform to eliminate silos across CTMS, eTMF and study startup to streamline end-to-end clinical trial processes, accelerate trial execution, and deliver real-time visibility.

Unified Vault eTMF and Vault CTMS - 4:45

Unified Vault eTMF and Vault CTMS Demo See how to improve operational efficiency and show evidence of compliance with unified Vault eTMF and Vault CTMS.

Vault Clinical Operations - 3:19

Vault Clinical Operations Global Directory Demo See how the Vault Clinical Operations Suite global directory and investigator database eliminates Excel trackers and enables document reuse, driving trial efficiencies.

Vault Study Startup Demo: Feasibility Surveys - 5:30

Vault Study Startup Demo: Feasibility Surveys See how the selection process is more seamless and connected to activation with Vault Study Startup.

Vault Study Startup Demo: Country Intelligence - 4:19

Accelerate Global Site Activation Learn how study start-up teams can easily navigate complex and frequently changing country-specific processes through pre-configured workflows in Vault Study Startup.

Vault Study Startup Demo: Study Startup Homepage - 2:53

Improve Visibility of Study Start-up Progress See how Vault Study Startup gives study start-up specialists and managers complete visibility into critical milestones, tasks, and activities with a dedicated homepage.

Vault Study Startup Demo: Site Greenlight - 3:18

Streamline and Standardize Site Greenlighting Learn how Vault Study Startup makes it easy to efficiently manage the site greenlight process through visualization, collaborative review, and actionable insights.


Streamline Study Start-up and Conduct Activities Learn how a unified clinical environment streamlines start-up and conduct activities.


Veeva VAULT ETMF - 7:33

Streamline Document Collection, Management, and Analysis Take a quick look inside Vault eTMF to see how sponsors and CROs are able to easily manage their clinical trials, as well as create comprehensive business reports, by utilizing a modern, cloud-based electronic trial master file solution.

Vault eTMF Demo: Part 1 - Homepage

Vault eTMF Demo: Part 1 - Homepage - 2:18

Gain Important Information about Inspection Readiness on the Vault eTMF Homepage Learn how the Vault eTMF homepage gives TMF managers a view of important inspection readiness information about studies, such as milestones, completeness, timeliness, and quality.

Vault eTMF Demo: Part 2 – TMF Completeness

Vault eTMF Demo: Part 2 – TMF Completeness - 6:40

TMF completeness See how Vault eTMF drives efficiency and accuracy in managing TMF completeness.

Vault eTMF Viewer Demo - 4:17

The Study Differential Report Vault eTMF Viewer allows you to manage TMF content by browsing dynamically organized content, making it easy to search, filter, and navigate within Vault.

TMF Transfer Demo - 2:08

TMF Transfer Enable study teams to quickly and accurately transfer TMF documents, eliminating the need for manual end-of-study migrations. With a single click, completed study country, study site, associated TMF documents, and audit trail information are seamlessly transferred between sponsor and CRO Vaults.

Vault Clinical Operations to RIM Connection Demo - 2:12

Vault Clinical Operations to RIM Connection Demo See how users can seamlessly transfer data and documents between clinical and regulatory Vaults using the Vault Clinical Operations to RIM Connection.


Vault CTMS Overview Demo - 5:04

Enable Faster, Higher-Quality Trials Take a peek at how Vault CTMS makes it easy for life sciences companies to unify clinical information, streamline processes, and gain complete visibility across the clinical trial portfolio.

Vault CTMS Demo: Automation - 2:20

Automate Routine Manual Tasks Watch how Vault CTMS frees up time for CRAs and study managers by automating routine tasks in this demo.

Monitoring Demo

Vault CTMS Demo: Monitoring - 3:15

Drive Monitoring Efficiencies
Learn how Vault CTMS allows CRAs to effectively plan upcoming monitoring visits in this 3-minute video.

Vault CTMS Demo: Milestones - 2:17

Manage Milestones with Vault CTMS Gain more control, visibility, and flexibility with study milestones using Vault CTMS.

Vault CTMS Demo: Reporting and Dashboards - 4:35

Get Visibility to Trial Progress Learn how to easily create reports and dashboards for real-time views of study progress.

Vault CTMS Demo: Risk-based Study Management

Vault CTMS Demo: Risk-based Study Management - 3:31

Focus on Critical Study Risks See how to improve data quality, reduce operational risk, and allocate resources more effectively in Vault CTMS.

Vault CTMS Demo: Study Oversight - 4:52

Demonstrate CRO Oversight Measure CRO performance, gain study visibility, and comply with ICH E6(R2) regulations with a modern CTMS.

Vault CDMS to Clinical Operations Connection - 5:06

Vault CDMS to Clinical Operations Connection Watch how Vault EDC seamlessly connects with Vault CTMS so you can get up-to-the-minute enrollment information, display SDV data within monitoring trip reports, and more.



Pay Clinical Research Sites Faster
Watch how Veeva Vault Payments enables sponsors and CROs to pay sites faster and more accurately while providing financial visibility to all study partners.



Vault CDMS QuickView Demo
Veeva's innovative interface for data review improves the speed and accuracy of SDV by displaying only the data that needs action or attention. Vault CDMS translates your risk-based monitoring strategy into a dynamic action plan that helps CRAs focus on what matters most.



eRegulatory for Clinical Research Sites
See how research sites seamlessly manage regulatory documents and information in SiteVault to reduce administrative burden, improve visibility, and speed study start-up.

Veeva Quality Suite Demo


Veeva Quality Suite Demo
Watch how Vault Quality Suite unifies quality, document, and training management applications to automate and harmonize quality processes globally.



Unifying Quality and Risk Management
See how the Quality Risk Management (QRM) feature in Vault QMS allows companies to identify, assess, and mitigate strategic and operational risks, reducing quality issues and their impact.


Veeva Vault QMS - 4:57

Vault QMS Demo
See how Veeva Vault QMS easily manage all your quality processes in one place.

Vault Quality to RIM Connection Demo

Vault Quality to RIM Connection - 7:31

Streamlining Change Control and Variation Management
Veeva developed a way to streamline change control and variation management by connecting data across quality and regulatory functions for companies that have standardized on the Vault Platform. Now, teams can operate with complete impact intelligence, which improves decision making and shortens the overall timeline from change control event creation to implementation.


Veeva Vault QualityDocs - 6:55

Consistent Audit Trail, Pervasive Access, and Breakthrough Usability
Watch how Vault QualityDocs lets teams simply and securely manage controlled documents through the entire GxP life cycle – from creation through review and approval, and beyond.


Veeva Vault Station Manager - 4:28

Watch this 4 min 28 secs video to learn how Vault Station Manager ensures the right content is always available for the right station on the manufacturing floor.



Easily Complete Training Task
Watch this 2 min 16 secs video to see how learners can easily view and complete their training tasks in Vault Training.


Veeva Vault Registrations - 4:17

Improved Data Quality, Global Visibility, Faster Responses to Health Authorities
Vault Registrations enables companies to plan, track, and report on global product registrations and health authority correspondence and commitments within a single system. See how it works in this 4 minute demo.


Veeva Vault Submissions - 3:34

Continuous visibility, faster time to market, global alignment
Vault Submissions eliminates the need for multiple, disparate tracking systems by providing a single, authoritative source for regulatory submissions content - all in a secure cloud environment. See how it works in this 3 minute demo.


Veeva Vault Submissions Archive - 3:27

Dynamic Access Control, Faster Responses, Global Readiness
Vault Submissions Archive makes it easy to find the right information, including eCTD and non-eCTD electronic submissions, for a complete view of regulatory communications in a validated environment

Veeva Vault RIM End-to-end - 6:31

Streamline Global Regulatory Processes
Vault RIM provides an authoritative source for regulatory documents and information globally. Content and data converge in a single cloud platform that unifies registration tracking, correspondence and commitments, submission document management, dossier publishing, and regulatory submission archiving.

Veeva Vault RIM - 5:42

NeeS Publishing and CTA Content Plans in Vault RIM
Learn how continuous publishing works for non-eCTD submissions including how to leverage additional submission content plan templates and reuse content plans for publishing CTAs to new countries.

Veeva Vault RIM - 5:54

Active Dossier in Vault RIM
See how active dossier helps users maintain a list of current documents for a given product and market.

Vault RIM Suite - 8:55

Vault RIM Submission Content Plans
Submission content plans enable Vault RIM users to auto-generate a table of contents for major regulatory submissions, add planned content, and report on submission status in real time.

Vault CDMS - 4:30

Data Entry for Sites in Vault CDMS See how Vault CDMS simplifies data entry for sites, prioritizes work to be done, and automatically saves data for a better user experience.

Vault CDMS - 8:47

Vault CDMS + Suvoda IRT Integration Veeva and Suvoda have partnered to provide a seamless experience between EDC and IRT systems.

Vault EDC - 3:15

COVID-19 Study Template in Vault EDC Get your COVID-19 study up and running in days with a fully validated template study that follows the new FDA guidelines based on CDC and ISARIC recommendations.

Vault CDMS - 2:30

The Study Differential Report in Vault CDMS See how clinical teams can use the study differential report in Vault CDMS to identify changes between studies for efficient UAT.

Veeva Vault Connector - 2:32

Mulesoft Veeva Vault Connector Demo See how the MuleSoft Veeva Vault Connector makes it easy to move data.