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A Single Solution for Quality, Training, Regulatory, and Clinical

Foamix discusses the advantages of unifying their electronic interface with Veeva Quality.

A Single Solution for Quality, Training, Regulatory, and Clinical

I’m Bonnie Pappacena. I’m the vice president of quality at Foamix Pharmaceuticals. Hi, and I’m Cynthia Gronostajski I’m the director of quality at Foamix Pharmaceuticals in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

Because Foamix is a relatively young pharmaceutical company, we’ve really had very little in terms of systems. We were utilizing consultants to do a lot of work for us. As a result of that, there was no central location for all of the documents.

Before implementing Veeva Quality Systems, it was paper-based, and you know how difficult it is to track paper and to store it and find it when you need it, especially during a regulatory inspection. It’s really key to have an electronic system as good as the Veeva Vault Quality system.

What we were looking for in a system was really something that would be user-friendly. I had experience with Veeva in the past and knew the system was very easy to implement and very easy for the users. Being cloud-based and having a system that works globally is really the best solution for us. The other systems also don’t have the interface with a regulatory component, a training component, a clinical component, having a system that’s electronic where we can store SOPs, deviations, investigations is really a plus for a pharmaceutical company, to be able to retrieve that in a timely fashion especially during a regulatory inspection.

The big thing with Veeva Quality is that it’s configurable. We did have some unique things specific to Foamix that we were able to implement with the system, so it’s a real plus for us. I’ve worked with other documentation systems in the past and they’ve taken anywhere from one to two to three years to actually get them implemented. We actually formally started with the Veeva system in March of this year and we’re ready to go live. The system is up and it’s ready to go. That’s in five month’s time. It was very rapid. Veeva just seemed like the perfect fit at the company.

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