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Genentech: Building a Content Factory to Drive Reuse

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The content factory is really the end to future look into how channels work together, how those assets are then utilized properly, reducing risk and making sure that we are working together as a company.

When setting up a content factory, we found that we started with the end users, the agencies, the creative areas. Our DAM [digital asset management] currently is very efficient and that it’s efficient because everyone is embraced it. Agencies themselves are saying, “Okay, I had three days of search. Now I’m down to 15 minutes.” So right away we’re seeing those cost benefits, the reuse. If they’re properly uploaded where the right usage rights and so on, you’ll see that those reuse are not only for the US but for our global partners as well.

Reuse is really critical when we purchase and we do large photoshoots and we have 200 images and for us to lock them into just one use for the US alone, but by going in and having a content factory, we’re able then to have that across our global partners and affiliates. We’re also then able then to reduce our risk by usage and image rights.

A DAM is critical to the future of usage across affiliates. So if it begins in one area and that reuse is then utilized, we’re then reducing costs and duplication of effort. For companies that are looking to launch a content factory, my advice is always to go back to the end, the end partners, the agencies, the creative areas, and look at to see what they’re exactly doing in that area for reuse and risk mitigation. By understanding the DAM world, you understand the graphic world, and from there you will then build the right people for the right type of work you need to get done.