Customer Stories

Vault EDC and the Veeva Vault Clinical Suite

My name is David Templeton. I’m the manager of Clinical Systems at Intersect ENT. We’re just over 300 people. We have about 15 people in clinical operations.

In my experience, I’ve been doing this for 15 years and what I’ve seen is other vendors will acquire applications and they try and stitch them together. I call it “The Frankenstein Model”. There’s always the promise that they’re going to talk together, but they don’t look the same. They don’t act the same. They may not be on the same database and it’s not pretty and not very functional.

What I like about Veeva and where I think the opportunity is, is in that unification. Applications that all look the same, they navigate the same, user management is the same.

It sounds really silly, but knowing where to expect things across applications is huge, not just from the user perspective, but even from a training standpoint so we don’t have to retrain on things that look differently. Would I recommend Veeva to other sponsors? Definitely. We see the vision and it’s aligned with what I think is really important in terms of clinical systems.

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