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Veeva CRM MyInsights Empowers Field Teams with Actionable Insights for Better Execution

Innovative data visualization capability delivers tailored insights right in Veeva CRM

PHILADELPHIA — 2017 Veeva Global Commercial & Medical Summit — May 8, 2017 — Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) today announced Veeva CRM MyInsights, an innovative new cloud-based data visualization capability that provides tailored insights right in Veeva CRM. Actionable insights are now available at the point of planning and decision making to drive better execution. Customers have the flexibility to leverage existing Veeva CRM MyInsights dashboards or easily develop custom insights of their own.

Veeva CRM MyInsights delivers tailored insights right in Veeva CRM to drive better planning and execution

“Veeva CRM MyInsights lets customers visualize their Veeva CRM data in a way that will deliver the fastest, most effective planning and execution,” said Paul Shawah, senior vice president of commercial cloud strategy at Veeva. “Field teams are empowered with the right information exactly when and where they need it, all in one place.”

Field teams typically access data in separate tools, then have to aggregate and make sense of it all. With Veeva, they get the right insights in context of their daily planning and execution. For example, a Veeva CRM MyInsights pre-call planning dashboard brings together all the relevant data needed, delivered right in Veeva CRM on a mobile device.

Veeva provides a growing library of Veeva CRM MyInsights dashboards, including order management, accounts, territories, KOL profiles, and account planning. Since Veeva CRM MyInsights is based on standard HTML and JavaScript, it’s easy to create new or extend pre-built data visualizations that are optimized for each role and activity.

Veeva also announced a new Veeva CRM MyInsights certification program that offers customers an ecosystem of providers trained to create pre-built dashboards and custom data visualizations. Almost 20 technology, service, and agency partners are now certified and have joined the expanding Veeva CRM MyInsights provider ecosystem.

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What the Industry and Partners are Saying About Veeva CRM MyInsights:


“Veeva CRM MyInsights gives AbelsonTaylor the flexibility to provide our clients and their sales force immediate access to key data, while efficiently leveraging custom reporting,” said Brendan Turner, senior director of technology and innovation at AbelsonTaylor. “This allows us to personalize the experience and provide them with the data they need at the moments that matter most.”


“Accenture helps life sciences companies leverage cloud services to deliver better patient and economic outcomes,” said Kevin Julian, senior managing director, Accenture Life Sciences North America. “With the latest addition to Veeva’s expansive cloud product suite, we look forward to helping our clients utilize Veeva CRM MyInsights to easily create or customize data visualizations.”


“In today’s information age, data only becomes actionable when synthesized into the most critical insights,” said Derek Choy, executive vice president of products and customer success, Aktana. “With Veeva CRM MyInsights, Aktana will continue to deliver the information that matters most to field teams exactly when they need it.”


“Achieving Veeva CRM MyInsights certification strengthens our ability to help brands reach their business goals with better planning and execution,” said Ezequiel Rantz, director at Area6. “Veeva CRM MyInsights certification will be key for our business and meeting the needs of our customers with tailored data visualizations.”

C-Clear Partners

“Veeva CRM MyInsights provides tremendous value by enabling us to create custom data visualizations that give customers a 360-degree view of their stakeholders on their mobile devices,” said Steven Maes, principal CRM consultant, C-Clear Partners. “As a certified partner for Veeva CRM MyInsights, we have the necessary capability to deliver the tailored insights our customers want.”


“Veeva solutions deliver unmatched flexibility and ease for customization,” said Bruno Senouci, COO at DRCOM Group. “Veeva CRM MyInsights delivers data visualization innovation that we are excited to leverage for our customers.”

iDetailing Creatives

“Veeva CRM MyInsights enables us to deliver powerful insights for field teams to make the most out of each doctor interaction,” said Marcos Casanueva, managing partner at iDetailing Creatives. “As a certified Veeva CRM MyInsights partner, we can provide effective and reliable data visualizations for commercial teams.”

Intouch Solutions

“Intouch Solutions is proud to serve as a certified Veeva CRM MyInsights partner, and values the capability it will provide us and our clients,” said Ron Kane, senior vice president, strategic partnerships, Intouch Solutions. “Visualizing data is an invaluable new capability for delivering insights that can quickly translate into action.”

The Judge Group

“We are excited to be a certified partner for Veeva CRM MyInsights,” said John Battaglia, president and CTO, The Judge Group. “Veeva CRM MyInsights enables field teams to make up-to-date, data-driven decisions. The Judge Group can now deliver custom insights into a field team’s activities and external data.”


“Veeva delivers tremendous value to the life sciences industry by providing real-time visual insights within Veeva CRM,” said Chris Whiffen, commercial delivery lead at Mavens. “Veeva CRM MyInsights is a key differentiator for customers in today’s competitive landscape. We’re excited to be a certified partner and develop actionable insights that drive personalized opportunities for engagement.”

PharmiWeb Solutions

“We are excited to become a certified Veeva CRM MyInsights partner,” said Kyle Patel, head of US Commercial Operations, PharmiWeb Solutions. “Veeva CRM MyInsights provides a unique opportunity to provide a data visualization solution that will benefit life sciences organizations.”

Pulse Digital

“Veeva CRM MyInsights is another great innovation in Veeva CRM,” said Leo Miller, chief digital officer at Pulse Digital. “Veeva CRM MyInsights will help us deliver more personalized and relevant content and create remarkable experiences for healthcare professionals. We look forward to helping customers turn data into actionable insights.”


“Veeva CRM MyInsights is the latest addition to the most comprehensive multichannel CRM offering in the life sciences industry,” said Ufuk Fakioglu, founder and managing director, Pyksys. “We’re honored to be among the inaugural certified Veeva CRM MyInsights partners, which will enable us to put actionable insights at the fingertips of our users in a completely customizable manner.”

RedRock Creative

“Veeva CRM MyInsights is going to change the game in how we provide customers strategic, dynamic, and creative custom data visualizations,” said Simon Marsh, co-founder and CEO of RedRock Creative. “We’re excited to be a certified Veeva CRM MyInsights partner and have the flexibility to do literally anything customers need for their tailored insights and dashboards.”

RMH Media

“Veeva is the most innovative cloud software provider that enables us to create digital media in collaboration with our clients,” said Markus Roessler, managing director, RMH Media. “Veeva CRM MyInsights provides tailored insights right in Veeva CRM. We are proud to be one of the first certified partners for Veeva CRM MyInsights.”


“Veeva CRM MyInsights allows customers to tailor how information is managed and visualized in real-time, providing actionable insights to optimize their approach to the HCP,” said John de Batlle, CEO of USACD. “Veeva CRM MyInsights adds the flexibility needed to solve real world problems and meet complex and unique customer requirements.”

Zephyr Health

“Next-generation commercial excellence takes an ecosystem of partners who are capable of bringing innovation to life sciences commercial teams,” said Lance Scott, president and CEO of Zephyr Health. “Certification with Veeva CRM MyInsights will give customers easy access to Zephyr Illuminate’s precise and predictive insights, helping them translate brand strategy into field productivity and improved customer engagement.”

ZS Associates

“We are excited to be a certified Veeva CRM MyInsights partner to help sales teams be more effective in selling,” said Mahmood Majeed, managing principal at ZS Associates. “Veeva CRM MyInsights offers an enhanced user experience and is designed for today’s sales teams, providing them with relevant information so they can connect with their customers in a significant way.”

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