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The Industry Cloud for Life Sciences

Our industry cloud solutions provide data, software, services and an extensive ecosystem of partners to support your most critical functions from R&D through commercial. Veeva helps companies of all sizes bring products to market faster and more efficiently, and maintain compliance.

Veeva Industry Cloud for Life Sciences

Bring Agility, Visibility, and Speed to Clinical Trials

Accelerate study timelines with modern, innovative applications.

Vault EDC
Collect, clean, and review study data

Simplify study data flow

Veeva CDB
Aggregate and clean study data

Speed trials and reduce complexity

Only suite of unified clinical operations applications on one cloud platform.

Vault Study Startup 
Accelerate time to site activation

Vault eTMF
Stay inspection ready with active TMF

Vault CTMS 
Enable proactive trial management

Vault Payments
Pay clinical research sites faster

Vault Study Training
Streamline and automate training

Veeva Site Connect
Automate information sharing

Veeva eConsent
Improve the patient experience

Veeva 2020 unified clinical operations survey report
Veeva Digital Trials Survey Report

Read on for a snapshot of the findings.
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Unified RIM

Streamline your regulatory processes, improve data quality, and respond faster to business changes.

Vault Registrations
Manage product registration data and changes globally

Vault Submissions
Plan, track, author, review, and approve submission documents

Vault Submissions Publishing 
Enable continuous publishing and speed time to submission

Vault Submissions Archive
Securely view your complete submissions history in the cloud


Hear how Daiichi Sankyo is unifying their RIM systems to unify data and eliminate rework.
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Modernizing Quality Management

Seamlessly manage your quality processes, content, and training, and provide a single authoritative source of quality information.

Vault QualityDocs
Gain control of GxP documents

Vault Validation Management
Manage & execute paperless validation

Vault Station Manager
Deliver right content to the right station

Vault Training
Ensure role-based qualification & compliance

Veeva LearnGxP 
Access accredited eLearning courses

Vault QMS
Manage all quality process in one place

Vault Batch Release
Speed release decisions with confidence

Vault Product Surveillance 
Simplify postmarket surveillance for medical devices

Vault LIMS
Optimizing QC labs for real-time batch release

Video: Atrium unifies quality management with Vault Quality
Unifying Quality Management

Heron Increases Visibility and Transparency with Vault Quality
Watch the Video

Are you a CDMO or Generics organization? Learn More

Real-time Management of Adverse Events

Easily intake, manage, and gain real-time oversight of adverse events and pharmacovigilance content.

Vault Safety
Collect and manage adverse event information

Vault SafetyDocs
Centrally manage all pharmacovigilance content

3 critical ways to advance medical affairs whitepaper
Improve Oversight and Reduce Risk of Adverse Events

Gain visibility into safety data with real-time reports and dashboards and seamlessly collaborate with internal /external parties.
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Advancing Medical Affairs

Strengthen scientific relationships, engage experts, and deliver content in one solution built for medical affairs.

Medical CRM
Foster informed scientific engagement across channels

Veeva Vault Medical
Streamline scientific communication through efficient content management and inquiry response

Veeva Link Solutions for Medical
Strengthen engagement with deep data on KOLs

Digitalizing Scientific Communications whitepaper
Blueprint for Medical Omnichannel Engagement

A framework for delivering the right information to medical stakeholders in their preferred channel.
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Integrated Data and Software

Your data foundation for commercial excellence, powered by accurate, privacy-safe, and connected data and software.

Veeva OpenData
Accurate customer data, faster

Veeva Link
Applications for real-time customer intelligence

Veeva Compass
On-demand U.S. patient and prescriber data

Digitalizing Scientific Communications whitepaper
Introducing Veeva Data Cloud

Broad portfolio of data products and software built on a common data architecture
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Achieve Commercial Excellence

Connected software, data, and services to advance commercial teams.

"Our strategic partnership with Veeva expands our capacity to leverage innovative technology and enhances our ability to deliver value to patients and all our stakeholders – this is key to how we measure success."

-Robert M. Davis, Chief Executive Officer and President, Merck

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Exceed the Likely Outcome

Companies around the world are using Veeva to help change the way they do business

  • 83% of new drugs approved
    were launched with
    Veeva CRM
  • 90% faster data change
    request resolution with
    Veeva OpenData
  • 40% cut in TMF
    reconciliation time with
    Vault eTMF
  • 50% reduction in submission
    development time with
    Vault RIM

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