Partnering to Drive MedTech Forward

Our vision is to build the industry cloud for MedTech. More than just software. We are committed to helping the entire industry modernize to speed the total product lifecycle, bringing products to patients faster. We do this by partnering with the industry and MedTech companies to address the unique challenges we face.


Seth Goldenberg

VP MedTech

Sam Partovi

VP Global Sales

Jennifer Young

VP MedTech Services

Ryan Quinn

VP Business Consulting

Kevin Liang

VP Clinical Strategy

Chris Knerr

VP Technology Strategy

Shinichi Kosuga

VP Japan Strategy

Annemien Pullen

VP MedTech Cloud

Vishaka Rajaram

Sr. Director Quality Strategy

Brian Scogland

Sr. Director Regulatory Strategy

Jeff Gorski

Sr. Director Commercial Content Strategy

Veeva Systems