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Vault PromoMats

Accelerate End-to-End
Content Management

Streamline claims, review, approval, and digital asset management

Announced 2011
Customers 100+

PromoMats is a regulated content management application that supports the full lifecycle of promotional content. Compliant content at scale as PromMats enables content creation, review and approval, digital asset management (DAM), claims management, and modular content. PromoMats also includes Brand Portal, a central repository that provides a single source of truth and makes content easily accessible and reusable.

PromoMats is delivered in the cloud, it is instantly accessible to all teams to simplify collaboration and enabling global asset sharing to deliver greater brand alignment and control runaway costs.

Veeva Vault PromoMats is a comprehensive solution for compliant, commercial content management.

Why Vault PromoMats

Speed compliant content at scale

  • Speed to market

    Integrated review and approval, claims management, and digital asset management in one system optimized for medtech to decrease the time it takes to get promotional content to market.
  • Cross-channel compliance

    A modern digital approach to address global regulatory requirements through robust claims management, version control, and deep audit trails.
  • Scalable

    Built-in digital asset management designed for medtech with fully configurable workflows and robust feature set.
  • Global collaboration

    Standard version control and a dynamic security model ensure reviewers are working on the most current version to maximize productivity

Transform the content lifecycle


Reduction and Review Time


Faster Claims Referencing


Reduction in Approval Time

  • Abbott Alcon Baxter BD Carl Zeiss Coloplast Dex-Com Embecta Exact-Sciences Edwards
Abbott Alcon Baxter BD Carl Zeiss Coloplast Dex-Com Embecta Exact-Sciences Edwards
Fresenius Grail Illumina Intuitive Medtronic STARR Terumo Stryker Philiips Zimmer


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