Customer Relationship Management

Streamline customer engagement with CRM built for the global medtech industry

Vault CRM is purpose-built for the Global Medtech Industry. Supporting commercial and medical teams across all segments of medtech with native and flexible capabilities aligned to the needs of sales, key account managers, & medical affairs professionals.

Getting value from a CRM requires adoption from your commercial and medical teams. Vault CRM was built with a focus on capabilities and usability to help people do their jobs more efficiently and make more informed decisions, which fosters adoption.


Single Unified Application

Support the many capabilities commercial and medical professionals need in a single application removing blind spots, missed opportunities, and challenges that come with traversing multiple systems.

Always Stay Current

Vault CRM is purpose-built to meet the unique and evolving landscape of medtech. Quarterly updates ensure Vault CRM addresses your current needs and changing industry requirements, without additional cost to you.

Connect Across the Product Journey

Commercial and medical teams have processes that connect to other key departments to ensure product quality, speed, and compliance. Vault CRM is on the same platform as Vault Clinical, Regulatory, Quality, and Commercial Content, breaking down silos so you can move faster.


HCP and HCO Management

Commercial and Medical teams have processes and relationships that connect to other key departments to ensure product quality, product speed, and product compliance. Vault CRM is on the same Vault Platform that run Vault Clinical, Regulatory, Quality, and Commercial Content applications. Break down the silos to your organization can move faster.

Activity & Case Management

Capture interactions across one or several stakeholders with minimal clicks. From meetings to complex briefings to case tracking, to ad-hoc discussions, Vault CRM makes capturing activity detail quick and easy. An Outlook add-in instantly pushes customer-related events created in Outlook to Vault CRM.

Content Management, Sharing, & Tracking

Robust document management provides controlled, compliant, and traceable content sharing. Understand content use and impact by connecting it to customers and KPIs. Content links sent directly from the document library or stakeholder profiles ensure the last version is shared.

Collaborative Authoring

Real-time collaborative authoring integration with Microsoft Office with full audit trails and version control. Reduce the time it takes to generate and update important content such as medical communication, publications, educational, and promotional assets.

Inventory Management

Manage the inventory of units and samples as they move from your organization to your sales professionals, customers, and patients (blinded if applicable) with complete traceability and compliance controls.


Enable managers to segment individuals and organizations in your markets to specific lists so you can better target your communication and activities.

Reports & Dashboards

Analyze data, documents, and workflows in operational reports or highly configurable visual dashboards. Create and update information by application end-users, integrated data sets from other sources, or automatically by Vault CRM’s robust workflow histories and audit trails.

Relationship Management

True 360° view of people, organizations, a network, and your market. Vault CRM allows you to manage interconnected relationships, hierarchies, and affiliations between stakeholders and organizations in an easy to view and update interface. From small practices to complex national accounts, and GPOs, mapping the ever-evolving stakeholders, pricing dynamics, and their influence is essential.

Team-Based Selling

Key account management capabilities enable teams to effectively manage strategic accounts in a single, collaborative framework. Create account plans, execute activities, and measure progress across sales, medical, account managers, or reimbursement specialists.

Role-Based Functionality

Robust capabilities for the specific needs of different members of your commercial or medical organizations. Give your teams visibility to operate effectively while controlling security of sensitive information to only those that should see or be able to manage it.

Customize and Extend on the Vault Platform

Vault CRM is an application built on the Vault Platform, a configurable, customizable, and extendable cloud application platform. Vault CRM customers can modify layouts, fields, workflows, logic, user profiles, and security settings to meet the needs of any size organization.

Medical Affairs

Supports key Medical Affairs initiatives such as influence scoring, medical inquiries, publications, grants, clinical trials, advisory boards, speaker bureaus, agreements and contracting, education, and other KOL focus areas.

Integration with Vault PromoMats

Content can be loaded into Vault CRM directly or from an interface with Vault PromoMats. Content ideation, creation, approval, and distribution all on one platform.