Uncover new opportunities and create meaningful interactions

Link MedTech delivers real-time customer intelligence enabling relevant engagement with medical and scientific experts.

Holistic view of all scientific activity (clinical trials, publications, conferences, etc.) and relevant social media for thousands of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) with global reach and deeply curated customer profiles.


High Value Interactions

Identify and prioritize key people and ensure informed, relevant engagement

Improved Alignment

Drive alignment across field teams, channels, and geographies

Increase Engagement

Keep a pulse on local and global congress activities to engage KOLs

improved interaction
gained new KOL information
easily found new experts



Activities, tweets, research findings, and collaborations aggregated real-time in one place.

Deeply Curated Profiles

Enabled by advanced technologies and validated by 1,600+ data curators to ensure data accuracy and coverage.

Unique Datasets

Unrivaled depth and breadth covering 300,000+ local and national congresses and 40,000+ associations revealing experience, focus, and goals of key people.

Equitable Care

Find the experts advocating for health equity globally to partner and ensure your strategies promote equitable care.

Global Footprint

Deep marketing insights tailored for each region across 85+ countries. Data curators are native speakers ensuring nothing is lost in translation.

Secure, Rigorous Compliance

Leverages publicly available data and carefully controls data access to meet the highest security standards and GDPR requirements.

Program Management Support

Dedicated team to assist in all aspects of implementation: planning, project governance, end-user training, program adoption, and ongoing support.

Tailored to Your Disease Ecosystem

Provides real-time customer intelligence on experts in different therapeutic areas.

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Save time, find new experts, optimize KOL engagements with Veeva Link MedTech