Five Ways to Maximize KOL Impact at Medical Congresses

The growing role of social media in scientific exchange makes it more challenging to prepare for medical congresses. It is a struggle to keep a finger on the pulse of a vast and vigorous online debate: in May 2023 alone, there were over two million tweets from scientific experts.

To understand the conversation in therapy areas, medtech leaders need to track expert commentary on their data and the activities of key stakeholders. However, this is challenging given the speed at which the scientific landscape is changing and the volume of clinical data commentary.

Real-time customer intelligence enhances engagement strategies with medtech thought leaders and maximizes ROI at medical congresses. Here’s a recap of five ways you could use Link Key People for MedTech today to devise your strategy, focus on the right experts, and increase your scientific share of voice.

1. Identify high-impact stakeholders

The Link Key People for MedTech global dataset can be used to pinpoint current and emerging scientific experts and digital opinion leaders for a deeper understanding of the ecosystem surrounding your therapeutic area.

  • Filter on the global database to identify key stakeholders by country, therapy area, and scientific or digital topic
  • Identify who is participating at important upcoming congresses
  • Establish the type of congress contributions key stakeholders are making, with seven categories captured (e.g. award winner, panelist)
  • Follow real-time social media updates, track ongoing collaboration, and gain insights into year-over-year trends to see how discussion topics are evolving


  • Track the evolving debate to decide themes and inform sessions for planned events
  • Build closer relationships with key experts who are contributing to important congresses and organize meetings ahead of time
  • Make better use of contact time at in-person congresses by scheduling advisory boards
  • Target key people with meaningful engagement (e.g. reach out and congratulate an expert on winning an award, discuss the agenda with a congress organizer)

2. Target resources at local/specialized events

Link Key People for MedTech provides high-quality data on events taking place at the international, regional, national, and local levels. Enabling you to search and identify medical congresses by topic (e.g. breast cancer), from flagship international congresses to smaller regional events.


  • Learn which congresses to focus on and which sessions to attend
  • Stay close to any new science that is relevant to your area
  • Target resources and investment toward events that will have maximum impact within your ecosystem

3. Achieve internal alignment on pre-congress planning

Get up-to-date information for consistent internal preparation ahead of congresses.

  • Develop consistent criteria for the whole organization on congress planning activities
  • Reduce time spent by teams doing manual research that can quickly end up out-of-date
  • Gain a full understanding of your therapeutic ecosystem at a time when the landscape is changing quickly


  • Thorough preparation is critical to making a positive first impression and building a relationship, especially in such a competitive landscape
  • Real-time information gives your organization a complete picture to inform the engagement strategy

4. Capture important insights during congresses

Use the real-time congress Twitter feed in Veeva Link MedTech to see what people are saying about your products during medical congresses and use these insights for wider business planning.

  • Identify presentations at congresses that are most relevant to your products
  • Gather important clinical insights and learnings, including how experts perceive your data could affect the clinical landscape


  • Identify and prioritize engagements with the most relevant experts for your organization
  • Use real-time insights to understand any education gaps in your therapy area
  • As static plans are no longer enough, gain competitive intelligence with meaningful insights to shape business strategy

5. Identify Emerging Experts

Use filters to identify emerging leaders in your therapy area, connect sooner, and build relationships with them while their profiles grow.


  • Develop long-term partnerships with emerging experts
  • Pinpoint potential collaboration opportunities, based on the quality and quantity of their scientific contributions

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