Veeva MedTech Managed Services

To make sure your system stays in top shape after a successful implementation, our Managed Services team provides exceptional Tier 3 support. As a Managed Services customer, you can choose the level of support you need—from getting assistance for your own system administrator to letting us handle complete system admin for you. No matter how you choose to work with our Managed Services team, you’ll be partnering with Veeva professionals who have years of experience and are dedicated to giving you the foundation needed to make your solution a success now and for years to come.

Specific areas of expertise:

Configuration changes

Custom report creation

Data Management

Environment Management

Mobilizing functionality to offline device (Commercial Solutions)

Education & Tier 2/3 Escalation Point

Assistance with new feature implementations

Environment Management as a Service
If you want to increase the speed and quality of your migration, you’ll be in good hands with Veeva. Our Deployment Architects have managed thousands of migrations between sandbox and production orgs and are ready to help make yours a success.
Veeva Code-Based Custom Development
If you’re challenged by large data volume loads, need special customizations, or want other expert assistance to design your integration with Veeva’s solutions, we can guide you. Our team of technical architects and professional developers have years of platform experience, deep expertise in Veeva CRM platform customization and integration with the Vault API.
To make sure you get the most from your Veeva system after deployment, we offer comprehensive end-user training programs that help get your staff up to speed quickly and enhance adoption. Our programs are offered online or live on site to make it as convenient or possible, whatever your needs may be.
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