Veeva Align and GDPR

Veeva Align enables a modern territory alignments process that gives commercial teams more direct control of their business processes. Designed for life sciences, Veeva Align allows you to automatically keep in sync personal information with Veeva CRM.

Right to Be Forgotten

You may need to delete customer data to comply with data protection and privacy regulations. Veeva Align offers all the features of the Vault Platform to remove personal data. Accounts deleted from Veeva CRM are automatically inactivated in Veeva Align and excluded from alignment rules. Records can also be hard-deleted when they are not needed any more.
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Data Portability

Your customers may request a copy of their personal data in a standard format. You can use Vault Platform capabilities to extract their data. Data can be extracted via both UI-driven and API-driven methods, including reports and dashboards, data loader and REST APIs.
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Restriction of Processing

Veeva Vault platform capabilities can be leveraged to support custom processes that fulfil requests to suppress the processing of personal data in Veeva Align.

Records deleted from Veeva CRM are automatically excluded from rule processing in Veeva Align.

Rules and exclusion functionality in Veeva Align can be leveraged to prevent Individuals, who requested to restrict processing, from being assigned to territories or set as targets.
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Data Minimization

Veeva Align manages territory alignments and visibility of individuals to Veeva CRM users. Effective territory management tools and processes ensure that Veeva CRM users can have access to personal information of only those individuals who relevant to them.
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Continuous Alignments functionality ensures that territories are always kept up to date with business objectives.
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Modeling functionality provides a safe environment to simulate and define future territory assignments without changing production data in Veeva CRM.
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Veeva Align and Veeva Vault platform capabilities can be used to configure and control access to personal data for Veeva Align administrators.
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Data Accuracy

Updates made to personal information in Veeva CRM are synced to Veeva Align.
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Audit Trail

Veeva Align keeps a full audit trail of past and future territory alignments and targets.
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Automated Decision Making

For individuals who opted-out from automated decision making:

  • Veeva Align rules can be setup to exclude those individuals from Continuous Alignments.
  • Preview functionality can be used before committing the alignment results – to have a human-controlled validation step in the alignment process.
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Data Security

Veeva has appropriate technical and organizational security measures in place to protect personal data.

Veeva has an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and maintains current ISO 27001 and 27018 certifications.

Veeva is continually reviewing its security measures for enhancements, including as part of its GDPR Compliance Program.

Breach Notifications

Veeva has a data breach management policy and a security team in place to identify violations and to ensure correct and timely action. If Veeva becomes aware of a data breach, it will contact the customer(s) affected within 72 hours.

Privacy by Design

Veeva has established privacy by design and privacy by default policies and controls for all products.