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Bayer HealthCare and Dyax Join Growing Roster of Life Sciences Companies Leveraging Veeva CRM Approved Email to Better Reach Customers

Veeva CRM Approved Email users achieving email open rates of up to 40%  

PLEASANTON, CA – May 19, 2014 Field representatives from Bayer HealthCare in North America and Dyax Corp. have joined the roster of global life sciences teams now sending personalized, compliant emails directly from their CRM systems to healthcare professionals (HCPs) with Veeva Systems’ Approved Email solution. Approved Email enables reps to send HCPs tailored content to augment the face-to-face visit, reach more low-access and no-see HCPs, and provide faster, more responsive service.

Unlike standalone email applications, Approved Email is part of a comprehensive multichannel CRM solution that includes Veeva iRep for closed loop marketing (CLM) and Veeva CRM Engage for digital detailing to help life sciences companies deliver relevant content across channels and gain insight into customer behavior. Early reports show field teams achieving open rates of up to 40 percent with Approved Email.

“We are increasing the productivity and effectiveness of our sales teams with Approved Email. Additionally, it helps us to better engage hard-to-reach specialists,” said Eckard Kather, director of O&I KAM Pharmaceuticals, North America for Bayer HealthCare. “Approved Email can help our reps deliver the information customers need in a timely manner and distinguish Bayer through responsiveness and service.”

Doctors are far more likely to open email sent directly from their field rep than email from the company, according to research from AccessMonitor[1]. Yet, most field teams have been restricted from emailing customers due to various regulatory risks associated with marketing pharmaceutical products. Approved Email allows reps to access only the latest, company-approved content to send customers through a locked-down system, helping ensure regulatory compliance.

“Approved Email has opened up a critical channel for us to quickly and compliantly communicate information customers want, immediately providing them more value,” added Andrew Sheely, director of information technology at Dyax Corp. “All interactions are captured in Veeva CRM, so we have full visibility and insight into customer behavior. We can easily learn what’s important to our customers and execute on that knowledge, all within a single system.”

Approved Email is helping the life sciences industry better understand and communicate with customers by tracking key metrics, such as what emails doctors are reading and how they’re interacting with email. Life sciences organizations can see in real-time how content is performing so they can make adjustments during campaigns and ensure that key messages have the highest impact.

“With Approved Email, we will understand how to better deliver relevant content. And since customer interactions are continuously tracked, we are always learning to improve customer interactions,” concluded Kather.

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Lisa Barbadora
Public Relations
Veeva Systems Inc.

[1] ZS Associates, “Access Monitor 2013 Executive Summary – Pharma Rep Physician Access: Do Falling Numbers Point to New Sales Models,” by Pratap Khedkar. July 2013. For more,