BC/DR response to COVID-19

Veeva customers,

Veeva’s cloud production infrastructure as well as its people stand ready and able to continue to service our customers globally with no interruptions.

COVID-19 has not impacted the availability, performance, or functionality of Veeva’s solutions. Although in-person interactions are disrupted, Veeva can effectively support its customers and their studies. The virus has been designated a Business Continuity Event, and the Business Continuity plan in Veeva’s China, Japan, and South Korean offices has had employees working 100% from home and logging in securely through a VPN solution as designed. Veeva’s employees are able to fully complete their work and support their customers.

All global Veeva employees in other impacted areas, including our HQ, are recommended and able to work from home.

Veeva has intentionally designed its infrastructure to survive events affecting AWS infrastructure (as has AWS itself). Each AWS region has at least 2 “Availability Zones,” which are physical, separate data centers that provide resiliency within each AWS region. Each AWS Availability Zone contains redundant internal infrastructure and redundant Internet connectivity. Veeva also maintains and periodically validates the DR procedures to move services to alternate AWS regions in the event an entire AWS region is affected to maintain a maximum RPO of 4 hours and a maximum RTO of 24 hours.

Veeva will continue to evaluate and update this statement as the situation evolves. Please contact your Account Executive with any questions and they will be happy to help you.