Sponsor – CRO Collaboration

Improving Collaborative Clinical Processes

What drives sponsor CRO success?

How does an eTMF application improve collaboration?


Clinical collaboration on a single eTMF system

eTMF as a Strategic Asset

Connecting work streams across sponsors, CROs, and investigator sites is a huge challenge, especially when trial documentation is collected and organized manually—with paper, email, and document scanners. Ken Getz shares his research on the latest trends around sponsor-CRO relationships and indicates how improving communication and transparency speeds study startup.

Experts discuss redesigning processes so sponsors, CROs, and investigator teams can contribute directly and effectively to the TMF. Hear Lisa Mulcahy, Donna Dorozinsky, and Tamika Jackson describe how an eTMF application can drive trial efficiency, improve collaboration, and help organizations gauge performance with shared metrics.