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Veeva’s Government Access Request Policy

Veeva takes privacy seriously. Our goal is always to protect the data of our customers but occasionally we might receive a government or other public authority request seeking access to Customer Data (as defined in the Master Subscription Agreement). One of our core values is „Do the right thing“. Therefore, we developed our Government Access Request Policy, so we have clear principles how we address government or other public authority data access requests.

Veeva does not disclose Customer Data to any governmental or other public authority unless required to do so to comply with a binding and valid order. All requests from public authorities must be issued pursuant to applicable laws and following the required legal process (such as via subpoena, court order, etc.). If the request has some particular legal basis in the domestic law of the country requesting regarding prevention, detection or investigation of offenses, Veeva will consider such a request to be lawful.

If Veeva believes there is no valid legal basis or the request is unlawful, we will try to challenge it. Veeva will evaluate all requests on a case by case basis and in accordance with applicable laws.

Veeva notifies its customers of requests for their data including information about the personal data requested, the requesting authority, the legal basis for the request and the response provided prior to disclosure unless we are legally prohibited to do so. Exceptions to prior notice may include but are not limited to emergencies or if such notification would be counterproductive.

Veeva will provide the minimum amount of information possible when responding to a government or other public authority request based on the reasonable interpretation of the request.

Data security is paramount for Veeva and our customers. Veeva protects Customer Data with world-class physical, network, application, and data-level security. In addition, Veeva invests in the most advanced and modern infrastructure available to provide an innovative, scalable, global, predictable, and secure environment. For more information, please visit “Veeva and Security”.

Veeva scrutinizes all government requests on a country-by-country and case-by-case basis in order to consider and balance our local legal obligations against our basic principles described above. We may choose to respond differently to information requests from different countries where our principles conflict with local law. Our policies may be updated or changed in the future.

Veeva’s Government Access Request Report:

This report governs government requests that Veeva processed.

Types of request Country of Origin of the Request Content or Non-Content Information Action Taken
Subpoena US Content Fulfilled
Search Warrant US Content Fulfilled

Last updated: 1 October 2021