Veeva Oncology Link

Build deeper relationships with the global oncology community.

With more than 6,000 products in development across all indications, the oncology pipeline is the biggest in life sciences today. Complex science, globalization, and competitive pressure mean engaging the right experts and making an impact is a challenge. Building strong relationships within the scientific community is the key to successful commercialization.

Veeva Oncology Link compiles rich profiles of tens of thousands of experts and millions of activities into a single, enterprise view across teams, tumor-types, and geographies. Life sciences organizations can now better coordinate and align around scientific experts to uncover new opportunities and orchestrate meaningful interactions.

Companies can leverage Veeva Oncology Link to identify national and regional scientific expert profiles, remain current on clinical activities, understand HCP relationships, sentiment towards therapies, and more.

  • Rapidly identify the right oncology experts: uncover new engagement opportunities with timely, accurate, and holistic information on 100,000+ oncology experts.
  • Create stronger connections: visualize your network of oncology experts, understand scientific collaborations and coordinate across teams.
  • Inform oncology engagements: get access to dynamic profiles, receive notifications and alerts, and align with expert interests and needs.


Get always current and accurate information
on experts, curated weekly.


Access complete expert profiles across
medical teams, tumor types, and geographies.
360° View


Inform oncology engagement
with dynamic profiles.


A Centralized and Actionable View
Providing a comprehensive and easily accessible source of oncology expert information, Veeva Oncology Link improves engagement planning between customer-facing teams and their shared stakeholders. Visualize your personal network of local, national, and global experts, understand scientific collaborations, and receive notifications to stay informed about ongoing interactions and activities. See who else at your company is following experts for more coordinated customer engagement.
Rapid Scientific Expert Identification
Identify relevant scientific experts around the globe based on tailored segmentation criteria. Easily search millions of activities and segment by topic, specialty, affiliations, relationships and location.
Easily reconcile data with customer information in Veeva CRM. All oncology expert accounts in Veeva CRM are linked to their corresponding profiles in Veeva Oncology Link via an API, saving teams valuable time and effort.
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Rich Profiling
Gain a complete understanding of each stakeholder through dynamically updated information that includes the latest affiliations, areas of subject-matter focus, role, publications, participation in trials, retrospective and prospective scientific activities, and social media activity. To help uncover specific engagement opportunities, Veeva Oncology Link also identifies speaking events and interests, as well as attitudes, the potential for engagement, and more.
Ensure GDPR compliance. Veeva Oncology Link addresses data privacy, opt-out, or changes in regulation before data is delivered

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