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Don’t have the resources you need to keep your data up to date? Let Veeva data stewards do it for you.

Our team of experts is always on the job. Every day we process thousands of data change requests and continuously review and verify the accuracy and quality of customer data.

  • Free up valuable resources: We maintain high-quality data for you, so you can focus on your core business.
  • Increase sales and marketing productivity: We rapidly process your requests so your teams have the latest information they need to engage with customers in a more meaningful and compliant way.
  • Get personalized services: Our experts provide customized quality and validation services to meet your expanding business needs.


Data Quality Assessment
Your current data is thoroughly analyzed to assess completeness and accuracy. Data is evaluated against key quality indicators to identify duplicate, inactive, outdated, and incomplete records—so you can easily see how your information stacks up.
Duplicate Identification
Duplicate records are a chronic challenge for most life sciences companies. Veeva OpenData Services’ team identifies and helps you consolidate your duplicate records, improving the integrity of your data with a single customer record for each HCP.
Global Address Cleansing
Your address records are compared against publicly available assets to ensure all information is complete, accurate, and in accordance with industry-standard formats.
Data Append
Customer records are enriched with the additional data you need, including fundamental demographic elements, giving you full customer insight.
Electronic Data Matching
Your customer profiles are linked to the corresponding Veeva OpenData unique identifiers, so customer records receive timely, ongoing updates from Veeva data stewards.

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Manual Resolution
Our staff of data validation experts, highly trained in web and phone research techniques, is on hand to research, remediate, and resolve open questions about your data. Based around the globe, our data stewards have deep local market knowledge and work around the clock to verify data changes and updates.
Data Validation and Suppression
Changes in demographic data, such as recently moved or inactive HCPs, are identified, validated and updated on an ongoing basis to reflect changes in the global marketplace. Records can be suppressed based on criteria that aligns with your commercial objectives.
Verified Update Requests
Veeva data stewards fact-check and rapidly process your teams’ requests to update your customer data.
Services Tailored to You
Based on our extensive experience in managing customer data and the results of your Data Quality Assessment, our team of service professionals design specialized programs to remediate, enhance and elevate your data quality, resulting in complete and trustworthy customer data.