Real-time Insights in the Palm of Your Hand Veeva CRM offers a seamless experience across all devices, enabling reps to get real-time insights and notifications to drive more meaningful HCP interactions. See how reps can leverage Veeva CRM for iPhone to be more productive on the go.


Veeva CRM - 2:10

Veeva CRM's Dashboards Veeva CRM's dashboards help key account managers track plan progress and monitor how the account team is executing on their objectives..


VEEVA CRM - 2:05

Managing Key Accounts and Call Objectives Veeva CRM simplifies Key Account Management with account plan dashboards that help field users monitor objectives and tactics to drive optimal interactions. See how Veeva CRM helps field reps seamlessly manage and report on key account interactions with a few clicks.

VEEVA Multichannel CRM

VEEVA Multichannel CRM - 1:47

Make scheduling fast and easy with Integrated Scheduling Help field and medical teams connect with HCPs across all engagement channels. Veeva CRM Engage now includes a simple to use integrated calendar scheduling capability - help your teams meet with HCPs at their preferred time, on their preferred channel with ease.


Veeva CRM Events Management - 3:36

Deliver Better Events with Greater Compliance Veeva CRM Events Management allows you to manage all your event types in a single solution that is compliant, integrated and global. Visibility and control across all activities and event types enables greater compliance. Integrated with Veeva CRM, sales users can collaborate on events for better execution. And with single solution globally for all teams, you streamline events management worldwide.


Veeva CRM Suggestions - 1:38

Recommend Next Best Actions and Channels Veeva CRM Suggestions is a rep dashboard that recommends the best actions and channels using data science for improved sales effectiveness and better customer experience. Delivered directly in Veeva CRM, the Suggestions dashboard provides clear recommendations in the reps’ workflow—where and when they need it. An ecosystem of Data Science Partners makes it easy to get started. And the built-in data science connector gives companies the flexibility to use the data science technology of their choice.


Veeva Align Territory - 1:25

Veeva Align Territory Feedback Walkthrough Field users can provide feedback on call plans and alignments that flow to managers and home office in real time, right from Veeva CRM. Operations strategy and field-level insights come together seamlessly to make your sales plans even more effective. Both are possible with the newly redesigned Veeva Align Territory Feedback module.


Veeva Align - 6:05

Deliver the Right Alignments Faster Veeva Align is a sales planning solution that lets home office control rosters, territory alignments, cycle plans, field feedback, and more—all from a single, unified user interface. With more and more life sciences companies adopting digital channels, Align’s support for multichannel cycle plans keeps the field and headquarters in sync as they navigate changing field conditions together. See the end-to-end process in this demo.


Multichannel Customer Engagement - 3:04

Powered by Veeva Commercial Cloud Delivering truly coordinated, multichannel engagement with healthcare providers is now a reality in life sciences. Veeva Commercial Cloud brings together customer data, compliant content and interactions across all channels to make multichannel communications seamless for you and your customers.


Veeva CRM MyInsights - 2:42

Veeva CRM MyInsights: Crafting a More Tailored CRM Experience Step up your Veeva CRM game with Veeva CRM MyInsights. CRM MyInsights gives you the ability to embed insights, data visualizations, next best action suggestions, and interactive controls into the Veeva CRM interface to guide your teams to success. With CRM MyInsights, account teams can identify the most and least engaged HCPs in a territory, check on their prescribing behavior, and even send them an Approved Email—all from the same screen.


Veeva CRM Approved Email - 3:50

Deliver Relevant and Timely Content Veeva CRM Approved Email enables sales representatives to maintain a personalized, compelling dialogue with all customers, including no-see HCPs. It ensures that the latest, compliant information is presented and tracks every interaction for complete visibility. Reps are more effective and empowered to provide physicians with the content they want — when they most need it.

promomats demo

Vault PromoMats - 2:57

Vault PromoMats Demo See how Vault PromoMats accelerates your review and distribution of compliant content and enables global reuse with built-in digital asset management.

auto claims demo

Vault PromoMats - 4:18

Auto Claims Linking See how Vault PromoMats Auto Claims Linking enables you to automatically generate compliant reference links when reviewing promotional claims.


Veeva Network - 3:38

Global Search Capability Veeva Network’s Global Search lets you identify HCPs and HCOs before adding them to your local system. Learn how to quickly locate and navigate to the correct customer and avoid creating duplicate records in your customer database.


Veeva Network - 3:55

Healthcare Professionals Profile Veeva Network makes it easy to research healthcare professionals. Learn how Veeva Network’s HCP profiles help you understand critical details such as specialty, licensure, and HCO affiliations.


Veeva CRM Engage Meeting - 2:14

Host Compliant Video Calls Veeva CRM Engage Meeting makes HCP web conferencing easy and compliant for pharma field teams. Sales reps and MSLs can extend their HCP relationships online compliantly, simplifying digital engagement. See how life sciences can deliver the experience healthcare providers want.


Veeva Network Reporting - 4:01

Network Reporting Demo Now it is easy to generate reports and analyze master data before you use it in critical projects like the product launch, sales planning or stewardship operations. Only Veeva Network makes it possible.

Veeva Nitro - 2:38

Veeva Nitro Introduction Veeva Nitro is a data science and analytics platform that connects data sources, technology, and business consulting services to provide actionable insights for agile decisions. Learn how companies can leverage data science to project sales goals, segment HCPs, analyze campaign performance, and much more in this 2-minute video. See the Nitro Demo for a deeper dive into how the product works.

Veeva Nitro - 5:19

Veeva Nitro Product Demo Veeva Nitro is a data science and analytics platform that connects data sources, technology, and business consulting services to provide actionable insights for agile decisions. The video below illustrates a specific prescriber use case with Veeva Nitro. For an overview of use cases for data science in the industry, see the Nitro Intro video.

Veeva Nitro - 3:03

Veeva Nitro Explorer Demo Veeva Nitro Explorer is a data exploration and visualization tool available within Veeva Nitro. It enables you to build analytics and insights around multiple data sources.

Veeva Engage for Events Management: Easy and Compliant Virtual Events Video

Veeva Engage for Events Management - 2:04

Easy and Compliant Virtual Events Veeva Engage for Events Management makes virtual events easy and compliant.


Veeva Nitro - 10:49

Business Overview Veeva Nitro provides a foundation for artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. Watch the business overview.


Veeva Nitro - 6:11

Technical Overview Veeva Nitro eliminates the time and effort of custom data warehouse. Watch the technical overview.


Veeva Nitro - 9:48

Admin Console Veeva Nitro eliminates the time and effort of custom data warehouse development and maintenance. Learn more about the administrator console.


Veeva Align - 2:50

Roster and User Management in Veeva Align The tools you need to manage your field force's roster details, from new hire to retirement.


Veeva Align - 1:45

End-to-end Territory Management Veeva Align enables administrators to easily assign reps and products to the right territory, faster.


Vault PromoMats - 7:51

Distributing Content Across Channels Vault PromoMats can distribute promotional content across channels with Vault Digital Publishing, CLM, and CRM Approved Email.


Vault PromoMats - 2:54

Digital Asset Management See how Vault PromoMats enables easy content reuse across teams for better sharing and control with digital asset management.


Veeva CLM - 3:14

Embedded Closed-Loop Marketing Create synchronized, multichannel interactions and tailored sales calls with Veeva CLM.


Veeva CRM Surveys - 2:18

Gather Valuable Intelligence Easily conduct surveys to gather valuable data and insights.


Veeva CRM Lightning Business App - 3:02

Lightning Business App for Pharmacy Sales Enhances flexibility, collaboration, and productivity with a pre-built app designed for pharmacy sales.


Veeva CRM Lightning Business App - 4:12

Lightning Business App for Key Account Management Enhances flexibility, collaboration, and productivity with a pre-built app designed for key account managers.


Veeva CRM Lightning Business App - 3:45

Lightning Business App for Brand Managers Enhances flexibility, collaboration, and productivity with a pre-built app designed for brand managers.

Lightning Business App for Digital Reps

Veeva CRM Lightning Business App - 3:17

Lightning Business App for Digital Reps Enhances flexibility, collaboration, and productivity with a pre-built app designed for reps.

Veeva CRM Lightning Business App - 2:38

Lightning Business App for Event Coordinator Enhances flexibility, collaboration, and productivity with a pre-built app designed for event coordinators.

Veeva CRM Lightning Business App - 3:24

Lightning Business App for Field Medical Enhances flexibility, collaboration, and productivity with a pre-built app designed for field medical teams.

Veeva CRM Engage - 1:00

Share Compliant Websites Veeva CRM Engage allows field teams to share approved content with ease and efficiency. Send web links to approved websites directly to HCPs through their preferred channel including chat and social messaging apps. Trace and measure content performance with unique tracking links.


Veeva Network - 6:36

Veeva Network User Interface Easily access to customer master data with Veeva Network.


Veeva Network - 7:08

Veeva Network Data Stewardship Veeva Network integrates with Veeva CRM and Veeva OpenData to simplify data change requests.


Veeva Network - 5:52

Veeva Network IT Integration Consolidate and integrate data sources with Veeva Network.


Veeva Network - 5:00

Veeva Network Enabled User Experience Drive a consistent user experience working with data using Veeva Network widgets.


Veeva OpenData - 4:52

Veeva OpenData CRM integration Discover how Veeva CRM integrates with Veeva OpenData to give users easy access to HCP data.


Veeva OpenData - 3:18

Explorer Search & Find Tool Easily search and find HCP and HCO records in Veeva OpenData.


Veeva OpenData - 2:10

Network Affiliations View See affiliations between healthcare providers and organizations in Veeva OpenData.


Veeva Link - 3:45

Veeva Link-CRM Integration Demo Quickly and effortlessly deliver critical customer insights to your field teams in real-time.

demo engage connect

Veeva CRM Engage Connect - 4:55

Veeva CRM Engage Connect Demo: Two-way Digital Engagement Enable a two-way dialogue between reps and HCPs and stay connected with your customers in between meetings with Veeva CRM Engage Connect.

Veeva CRM Stakeholder Navigator - 2:03

Pinpointing High-Value Accounts with Veeva CRM Stakeholder Navigator Veeva CRM Stakeholder Navigator makes it easy for key account managers to quickly locate the accounts that will move the needle.

Veeva CRM Engage - 3:17

The Future of HCP Engagement Offer HCPs new options to meet, connect, and share in one compliant, convenient platform.