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Simplify Information Sharing
with All of Your Sites

Reduce complexity for sites and improve clinical research.

Announced 2020 Status Early Customers 11-50
Veeva Site Connect | Automate Information Sharing
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Automate the flow of
information to and from sites

Veeva Site Connect allows sponsors and research sites to collaborate on a trial by automating the flow of information to and from sites during startup, execution, and closeout.

Information flow includes protocols, essential document packages, safety reports, and payment letters. Required media is sent on closeout, including completed CRFs. Information sent and received is automatically filed in eTMF.

Research sites manage tasks, documents, and data in Site Connect. Optionally, sites can connect their SiteVault for enhanced functionality.

Why Veeva Site Connect

Better collaboration and faster trials

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Automating information sharing
for better collaboration

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