Veeva Compass Patient

Modern Patient Data for Complex
Therapies with Veeva Compass

Get unlimited access to anonymous patient
longitudinal data for more comprehensive insights.

Announced 2020 Status Early Customers11-50
Veeva Compass | Patient Data
Now available: Veeva Compass Suite of commercial data products
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Patient-level data for faster
and more precise insights

Veeva Compass Patient is anonymous patient longitudinal data, including dispensed prescriptions and procedures, and diagnoses for the U.S. market. It can be used for commercial operations such as patient journey, patient analytics, and market sizing.

Data is sourced from claims and other sources. It is a modern data product designed and built for the complex therapies of today.

Compass Patient is licensed by the brand and includes unlimited data access through the Compass portal.


Patient-first data network


patients in the U.S.


healthcare providers and clinicians


prescription and medical records

Why Compass Patient

Better visibility and insights

Customer Success

Reach new patients and prescribers, faster

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