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Veeva Link Key Accounts

Get real-time intelligence on key accounts to improve account management.


Save time on account planning

Identify key stakeholders, build dynamic stakeholder maps, and access their profiles in Veeva CRM.

Enhance cross-functional collaboration

Share a common enterprise view of accounts.

Proactively engage

Stay on top of account insights with real-time alerts.

Unique Datasets Tailored to Each Market

Leverage Veeva Link’s rich profiles on key health systems to gain a more nuanced understanding of each account. Available now for early adopters in the UK and US, with other EU5 markets, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, and South Korea to follow.

Account Types
Real-Time Updates
Social Media
Account Profiles
Account Strategy
Development Plans
Affiliated Accounts
Medical Metrics
Business Metrics
Stakeholder Maps
Easy User Access
Service Line Leaders
Pharmacy Leaders
Nursing Leaders

Improve Market Access

Use real-time intelligence to transform your approach to key account management.

1Inform Account Planning

  • See real-time account information
  • Find key metrics and insights
  • Work from a single source of truth
  • Receive personalized alerts on accounts and people

2Prioritize Key People

  • Find new decision makers based on their roles and committee positions
  • View deeply curated profiles (including affiliations and associations)
  • Create tiered stakeholder maps and share with cross-functional teams

3Tailor Engagements

  • Receive relevant account news, documents, and events via alerts
  • Shape your customer strategy and value proposition based on relevant account insights
  • Understand customer connections within accounts to drive broader engagements


Deeply curated account profiles

Access accurate, comprehensive profiles enabled by advanced technologies and validated by 1,500+ data curators working across the Link platform.

Dynamic stakeholder maps

Find, map, and prioritize decision makers across the account ecosystem to improve your engagement planning and account coverage.

Comprehensive account documents

View the latest documents (formulary, guidelines, strategy, organizational, and financial) in one place.

Real-time social and video activity

See the latest social posts and digital content from your key accounts and relevant stakeholders.

Latest events

Track and view account-related congresses, local workshops, and webinars.

Personalized newsfeed and alerts

Build a list of favorite accounts and decision makers to receive timely notifications on their latest activities.

Native integration with CRM

Enhance the user experience with account insights surfaced in Veeva CRM MyInsights. Data is embedded in the CRM account record and account plan.

Secure, rigorous compliance

Stay compliant with data that meets the highest security standards and GDPR requirements. Veeva Link uses publicly available data sources and carefully controls data access.

How can Veeva Link help your business?