Clinical Data Management

Veeva CDB

Aggregate, Clean, and Transform
Clinical Data Across Data Sources

A clinical database designed for the life sciences
industry and clinical trials.

Announced 2018 Status Early Customers11-50
Veeva CDB | Clinical Database for All Clinical Trial Data
​​Veeva Clinical Database Aggregates and Cleans Study Data up to 50% Faster
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Centralize and clean all clinical data

Clinical data managers are collecting data from an increasing number of sources beyond EDC (labs, ePRO, etc). Veeva Clinical Database (CDB) aggregates, cleans, and transforms clinical data from multiple sources, including third-party EDCs.

Data managers access the latest data, assess its status, and track review progress. They log data issues on any source with manual or automated checks and communicate with data providers without switching between EDC, trackers, and emails.

Programmers use Veeva Clinical Query Language (CQL), designed for clinical data, to transform data for reviewers in Veeva CDB or to export data downstream.


Exceed the likely outcome


cleaning effort saved through automation


easier to generate listings


check queries automatically closed

Why Veeva CDB

Access complete and concurrent clinical data

Customer Success

Cuts time to aggregate
and clean study data by 30-50%

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