Veeva Commercial Cloud

Bring together customer data, compliant content, and multichannel engagement for the flexibility and speed you need—and the experience your customers demand.

Get everything you need to master today's complex marketing and selling environment — from multichannel planning and execution to complete customer insight and compliant content management. Only Veeva provides a complete, best practices-based commercial solution built from the ground up for life sciences.

With Veeva Commercial Cloud you gain new ways to effectively engage your customers through their preferred channels. The result is a proven approach that drives continuous business innovation to keep you ahead of the competition. All of this comes without the high cost and complexity of the many disconnected systems typically needed to manage your data, interactions, and content.

Market more effectively, expand your global reach, and build stronger customer relationships. Drive best-in-class commercial performance with Veeva Commercial Cloud.

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Veeva OpenData delivers millions of detailed customer and opinion leader profiles with a new approach to customer data that’s open, easy, and global. Best-in-class services worldwide provide quality professional services, data enhancements, and ongoing data stewardship—helping you continuously improve your data quality and giving you a complete understanding of your customers and stakeholders to improve engagement.


Veeva Network is a global customer master application that consolidates everything you need to know about your customers. The foundation for creating a complete customer view, Veeva Network delivers the clean, accurate customer data required for multichannel customer engagement and regulatory compliance.


Veeva Vault PromoMats gives you the simplicity, visibility and control you need to effectively manage compliant promotional content from creation through expiration. In addition to providing easy review and approval, Vault PromoMats is the only solution that includes a built-in global, digital asset library with automated distribution and withdrawal of content from all Veeva CRM channels.


Veeva Align delivers the right alignments faster. Align’s global reach helps you gain efficiencies through centralized management that allows for local control. Seamless integration with Veeva CRM reduces manual hand-offs and enables field feedback on proposed alignments for more accurate territories.


Veeva CRM is an end-to-end solution delivering life sciences-focused capabilities for the planning and coordination of all resources, across all channels. Empowered with full visibility into all interactions—spanning face-to-face, phone, email, and web—your commercial teams deliver a seamless customer experience.

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