Veeva Link Medical Insights

Streamline the Medical
Insights Process

Accelerate insights, boost productivity, and
improve decision making across the enterprise.

Announced 2022
Launching MID 2024
Customers 1-10

Link Medical Insights streamlines medical insights management across the enterprise. Medical affairs teams use it to capture, search, and browse insights.

Veeva analyzes medical insights using machine learning and human experts. Insights are enriched with proprietary data from the Link platform.

Users access the insights via a web application.

Link Medical Insights integrates with CRM for insights capturing. It is under development with early adopters.


Maximize medical impact

  • Gain deeper understanding

    Find more relevant insights with standardized tagging and enrichment provided by Link.
  • Get insights earlier

    Intuitive software uncovers patterns in your data, enabling insights to be shared in just two days.
  • Increase team productivity

    With hours of manual analysis eliminated, medical teams can spend more time on action.

Quicker access to actionable insights


faster than traditional approaches

2 days

to access insights


more relevant insights surfaced


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