Veeva OpenData
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Get accurate data faster for better customer engagement.

Reliable, complete customer reference data is critical to your commercial success, supporting essential activities like sales execution, compliance, and business analytics.

With Veeva OpenData, you gain access to approximately 16 million healthcare professionals (HCPs), healthcare organizations (HCOs), and their affiliations worldwide, covering all specialties and classes of trade. Detailed customer profiles are delivered without delay to Veeva CRM, so commercial teams can connect on all engagement channels. Designed with a global view, Veeva OpenData provides a consistent standard of quality and service worldwide. Now it is possible to harmonize customer engagement and deliver compliant interactions in every market.

  • Better sales execution: Get real-time access right from anywhere to detailed HCP, HCO, and affiliations reference data and improve rep productivity and CRM adoption with faster responses to data change requests (DCRs).
  • Streamlined compliance: Immediate sample eligibility confirmation keeps reps productive and compliant, while accurate specialties minimize the risk of off-label promotion. Use a single, global identifier to accurately track and report aggregate spend.
  • Better planning outcomes: Accurate demographic data helps you eliminate sales coverage gaps, improve targeting, and eliminate incentive compensation errors.
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Success Stories

“Veeva OpenData enables our reps to be more productive, providing us with interaction insights that we need to better understand what is happening in the field.”
Rick Priem, Global CRM Manager
“I believe Veeva OpenData combined with Veeva CRM is the best solution in the market.”
Aram Bosnakyan, Commercial Excellence Lead
“Veeva delivers quality customer data,
right in CRM, to improve our sales
execution and create more valued
interactions with our customers”
Dipak Bhatti, Managing director