Maximize the Impact of Medical Affairs

Seamlessly collaborate, improve efficiency, and enhance the customer experience
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Increase scientific
treatment adoption after disease
state education by MSLs
Build long-term
treatment adoption sustained
over 18-24 months post-launch
Identify high-impact
KOLs engage with only one company’s
field medical team

Discover new insights on field medical’s impact on clinical practice in the Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report.

Key omnichannel requirements for field medical success

Medical leaders share their perspectives on an omnichannel approach to medical engagement.

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"An enterprise-wide approach to medical affairs is really important to us, and Veeva is helping us realize this vision."

Eric Toron, Executive Director, Medical Operations Lead Global Medical and Scientific Affairs, Merck

An end-to-end solution for medical affairs

Optmize scientific engagement, centralize content, and speed inquiry management with Veeva’s connected medical solutions.

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See how medical leaders are maximizing the impact of medical affairs

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Where are you in your medical journey?

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Identify the right KOLs and streamline medical content creation.
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Connect the medical ecosystem for seamless customer experiences.
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Better communicate value with impact metrics tied to patient outcomes.
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