Veeva for Animal Health

Designed for Animal Health,
Delivered in the Cloud

Empower end-to-end business operations
with tailored applications for animal health.

Veeva for Animal Health

Flexible. Simple. Designed to deliver exactly what you need.

Animal health companies are facing an increasingly complex commercial environment, forced to make do with either generic or niche systems not designed for their requirements—until now. Veeva Commercial Cloud is a fully interoperable solution with animal health-specific capabilities, delivering true multichannel interactions with customers from livestock producers to veterinarians. Our end-to-end system has it all: content management, multichannel CRM, closed loop marketing (CLM), integrated order management, contracts management, and inventory monitoring.

Within R&D, rigorous regulatory standards for regulating animal medicines mean managing thousands of documents, across multiple regions. Animal health companies face that challenge with inefficient paper-based processes, or aging legacy systems. Veeva Vault provides content management applications built for the most regulated areas: clinical trials, regulatory submissions, quality documentation, and promotional materials. Vault’s flexible data model and UI accommodate species, animal classes, and common names, reflecting your exact business needs.

  • Coordinated execution: Animal health-specific account, order, and contract management capabilities—all in a single solution—improve field productivity and commercial effectiveness.
  • Continuous engagement: Animal health companies can engage customers with the right information across all channels, including face-to-face visits, events, mobile, email, and the web.
  • Document control: Bring order to your regulated content and lower the cost of compliance by automating many of the steps required to document and demonstrate compliance.
  • Deeper insight: Built-in reporting and dashboards across all Veeva applications enable informed decision-making. Gain real-time insight into document status or process efficiency in Vault, or bring third party data—like prescription and sales information—together with customer interaction information in CRM for greater visibility.


Improve sales productivity with easy visualization and management of complex data for multiple products and species. Reps can filter by product, species, or account to understand how your product portfolio maps to any customer—all in a matter of seconds.
Enable better engagement and ready your organization for new spend transparency regulations by leveraging world-class customer master data management, seamlessly integrated with CRM.
With a single, end-to-end solution, creating, approving, distributing, and withdrawing content across all channels is fast and simple. Customer interaction insight is available directly in CRM, enabling more personalized content.
Improve customer engagement with open, easy-to-use, globally accessible data of the highest quality—including more than 150,000 active licensed veterinary medicine professionals. HCO affiliations and cross-references to NPI, DEA, and state license information provided where available.
Content management with advanced workflows and real-time reporting equips companies to complete processes faster and makes teams more productive. Easy, direct access for employees and trusted external parties provides a single source of truth for content.


Veeva OpenData delivers accurate, detailed information on licensed veterinary medicine professionals that is easily accessible when, where, and how you need it-across teams and geographies.

Designed for life sciences, Veeva Network Customer Master simplifies your master data management and delivers the deep insight you need to boost engagement and compliance-across all channels and worldwide.

Vault provides the most modern and advanced tools for managing regulated documents, paired with an interface that is intuitive, user-friendly, and easily tailored to animal health.

Veeva CRM delivers deep functionality specific to animal health, enabling companies to better visualize complex data, manage customer interactions, and engage animal health professionals across channels.

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