Are You Delivering the Omnichannel Experience HCPs Want?
Tailor HCP engagement and operationalize digital excellence.
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HCP Access is Back…
higher vs. 2021 across specialties
And More Virtual
of accessible HCPs use video
Effective Rep Email Remains Crucial
of the channel mix in Europe, compared to 18% in U.S.
HCP Expectations Reshape Pharma Events
of HCPs consider speaker programs a very effective channel

Discover key insights on field engagement activities worldwide

Four Steps to Maximizing Digital Adoption in the Hybrid Era

The rules of HCP engagement have changed. Customers now expect personalized, relevant, and seamless experiences across all channels.

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“When I think about digital engagement, I believe we have the opportunity to deliver our HCPs a compliant, customer-centric, and ‘single source’ touchpoint within life sciences. Let’s drive this platform together!”

Dave Yates, Global Product Director, GSK

Learn How to Make the Most of Your Digital Engagement Strategy From Pharma Leaders and HCPs

Sanofi evolves its strategy to build an effective hybrid engagement model Watch the Story

AstraZeneca's four tips to add a pull channel Watch the Story

GSK enhances the customer experience through an integrated global events strategy Watch the Story

Veeva CRM Suite

Improves the customer experience by bringing together digital content, channels, and insights for personalized interactions and better engagement.

Veeva CRM

Proven CRM life sciences solution for the planning and coordination of resources across channels

Veeva CRM Engage

Digital engagement platform to meet, connect, and share with HCPs

Veeva Events Management

Compliant live, virtual, and hybrid events

Veeva Align

Territory design and alignments

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