Clinical Operations
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Veeva offers the industry’s first and only suite of unified clinical operations applications - including CTMS, eTMF, Study Start-up and site document exchange on a single cloud platform - to accelerate trial execution, and deliver real-time visibility. Key to this first-ever unification of clinical operations systems is Veeva Vault Platform's unique ability to manage both content and data, eliminating systems silos, enabling true end-to-end clinical trial processes.

  • Increased productivity: Reduce complexity, automate and streamline trial processes by allowing key stakeholders, both internal and external work in a single system.
  • Full visibility: Improve decision-making based on an accurate, comprehensive view of study status across the entire operational team.
  • Increased compliance: Gain complete oversight of the end-to-end clinical process with a single source for content and data through a streamlined and consistent user interface.
  • Single cloud platform: For content and data applications, providing a single source of truth and enabling seamless end-to-end processes.
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Vault CTMS unifies clinical information, documentation, and processes globally to reduce complexity, increase transparency, and speed time to critical decision making.


Vault eTMF enables active TMF management for real-time inspection readiness, visibility, and control.

Vault Study Startup

Vault Study Startup accelerates time to site activation by bringing together startup content and data, and incorporating country-specific intelligence in study start-up workflows.


Vault SiteExchange makes it easy for sponsors, CROs, and investigator sites to collaborate on study activities by providing a single point of access and consistent processes for document exchange during clinical trial execution.