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Reliable, complete customer reference data is critical to your commercial success, supporting essential activities like sales execution, compliance, and business analytics.

With Veeva OpenData, you gain access to approximately 16 million healthcare professionals (HCPs), healthcare organizations (HCOs), and their affiliations worldwide, covering all specialties and classes of trade. Detailed customer profiles are delivered without delay to Veeva CRM, so commercial teams can connect on all engagement channels. Designed with a global view, Veeva OpenData provides a consistent standard of quality and service worldwide. Now it is possible to harmonize customer engagement and deliver compliant interactions in every market.

  • Better sales execution: Get real-time access right from anywhere to detailed HCP, HCO, and affiliations reference data and improve rep productivity and CRM adoption with faster responses to data change requests (DCRs).
  • Streamlined compliance: Use a single, global identifier to accurately track and report aggregate spend and enable GDPR compliance with approved and consistent data validation process.
  • Better planning outcomes: Accurate demographic data helps you eliminate sales coverage gaps, improve targeting, and eliminate incentive compensation errors.
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Integrated With Veeva CRM
Veeva OpenData delivers customer records quickly to Veeva CRM. Data Change Requests (DCRs) are submitted directly from Veeva CRM, and the majority of data change requests are processed in less than a day - 90% faster than the industry average.1
Complete HCP, HCO, and affiliations data are provided, enabling more precise targeting, better commercial productivity, and deeper market penetration.
Veeva OpenData HCP and HCO global identifiers help you navigate complex healthcare networks, trace visibility to cross-border engagement, and track aggregate spend.

Veeva OpenData Customer Data combines country-specific information from authoritative public and local sources. Core elements are verified through a robust matching process.
A global staff of expert data stewards follows rigorous quality procedures leveraging web and phone research techniques, to update customer information continuously with precision.
With the Veeva OpenData Partner Program, you can bring together multiple sources of customer data without the headache of three-party agreements.
1. European Life Sciences Survey Veeva Systems, 2016

Worldwide Availability

Veeva OpenData is available worldwide.


Veeva OpenData Countries

United States China Germany United Kingdom
France Italy Brazil Canada
Spain Australia Mexico Netherlands
Switzerland Turkey Poland Sweden
Belgium Argentina Austria Norway
Ireland Denmark Colombia Chile
Finland Czech Republic Portugal Hungary
Monaco Slovakia Luxembourg Bulgaria
Cyprus Andorra

Data Partner Coverage

Region Partners
Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States Proxima
Middle East Curis Health, Reptor
Europe Adriasonara, ApureBase, Aquarance
Africa Medpages
New Zealand Medidata NZ

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