Data-Driven Segmentation and
Targeting for Improved Sales Execution

Gain deeper and more granular insights into European
markets through harmonized claims data.

Get best practices for building a strong customer data foundation

Public Claims Data

Veeva Public Claims Data helps pharma companies segment and target their markets more precisely, using harmonized claims data from public sources.


Understand Your Market

Accurately understand and segment the right market, based on admissions, diagnosis, procedures and prescription data.

Enhance Targeting

Precisely define targets to effectively plan for commercial activities.

Expand Your Customer Base

Refine territory alignments and identify under-diagnosed areas for better customer coverage.

Power Your Commercial Operations with Precision Engagement


increase in target HCOs*


increase in target HCPs*


decrease in sales operation costs*

*Sample based on early adopter customer

Why Veeva Public Claims Data?

Largest Coverage in Europe

Data subscription across 26 countries, with 2.5M+ data points, and 25,000 country medical codes

Single Source of Truth

The only company to find, extract, harmonize, and maintain public claims data

Common Data Architecture

Seamless linking of public claims data with HCP information in targeted HCOs

Examples of Data Available

Overall Hospital Admissions

View data such as the number of inpatient and outpatient patients, gender and age distribution, length of stay, and bed utilization rates.

Hospital Medical Procedures

Understand the procedures or medical acts performed to treat different diseases.

Hospital Medical Diagnosis

Gain insight into the types of diagnosis information for different hospitals, such as cholera, typhoid fever, iron anemia, and more.

Prescription Data (publicly available for UK and France)

See prescription information for prescribed drugs from a particular HCO (country ID, active ingredient, cost, number of units).