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Veeva’s Agency Partners comprise a strategic network of content creators that have been trained to develop content that takes full advantage of Veeva’s multichannel suite of products. All agencies listed here have access to unlimited training, strategic and technical support, optional access to CRM and Vault sandboxes, as well as many more agency-specific resources. These tools enable agency partners to be successful whether developing content for CLM, Approved Email, Engage, or CoBrowse.

The Partner Filter criteria can help navigate the over 300 agency partners listed. Agencies who have earned certification by product have demonstrated their experience to the Program Management team. You can learn more about agency company-wide and individual level product certifications by clicking here.

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Introducing Veeva Web2PDF

When it comes to digital content creation, life sciences companies are challenged with converting complex websites into PDF format for review and approval. The current conversion process is typically time-consuming and highly manual, wasting hundreds of hours of agency time and diverting resources from strategic activities.

Veeva Web2PDF is a free web solution to convert dynamic digital content to PDFs for faster, more accurate review and approval. Within minutes, teams can convert webpages into high-fidelity PDFs – eliminating the hours spent on manual conversion. The interactive web experience is fully and accurately represented in PDF form, accelerating the MLR process and health authority review.

Try out Veeva Web2PDF, and read the announcement to learn more.

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