Veeva CRM Suite

Personalize Customer

Plan your field force strategy and execution
with the latest HCP access data.

Designed for field teams. Personalized for customers.

Personalize your customer experience and adapt to remote and in-person interactions with visibility across all channels.

Put Customers at the Center

Create seamless handoffs between sales, medical, and marketing for a best in class customer experience across channels.

Gain Complete Visibility

Track your performance and learn what works. With visibility to sales and marketing results, you can quantify your impact and drive continuous improvement.

Focus on Growing Your Business

Digital and personal channels let you optimize your promotional spend while extending your reach.

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Veeva CRM

The most widely used life sciences CRM solution reinvented to power agile and efficient commercial models. A strategic asset built for sales, medical, and marketing excellence.

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Veeva CLM

Closed-loop marketing helps you identify preferences, harmonize interactions across channels, and forge deeper customer relationships.

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Veeva CRM Engage

Deepen HCP relationships with a global platform to meet, connect, and share content before, during, and between meetings.

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Veeva CRM Approved Email

Connect with hard-to-reach customers and extend your face-to-face conversations without compromising compliance.

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Veeva CRM Engage for Portals

Capture immediate insights and preferences from digital interactions.

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Veeva CRM Events Management

Better manage life sciences live and virtual events with greater compliance.

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Veeva Engage for Events Management

Eliminate barriers to peer-to-peer interactions.

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Veeva Nitro

Power commercial insights with a data science and analytics platform

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Veeva CRM MyInsights

Take action with real-time insights directly at the point of execution.

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