Veeva OpenData Compliance Data

Streamline compliance activities

Customer-facing teams can engage with confidence when armed with Veeva OpenData Compliance Data.

Evolving regulations mean current, accurate customer data is more crucial than ever. Veeva OpenData Compliance Data provides comprehensive specialty verification, DEA verification, PDMA state license validation, NPI lookups, HCP-to-HCO affiliations, and more.

Veeva OpenData’s real-time sample eligibility confirmation helped a specialty pharma company eliminate the two-week delay from a legacy data vendor, to successfully deploy new sampling teams to the field. Another major company is saving over $200,000 annually on compliance data purchases, even while growing its sales team. With increased volatility at the state and local levels, pharma customers rely on Veeva OpenData to help them comply as new compliance requirements emerge.

And, since doctors operate without borders, your data should do the same. Veeva OpenData uses a single, global identifier to track activity with HCPs, no matter where you engage.

  • Enforce sampling protocols: Confirm sample eligibility before the call, and rely on accurate addresses to eliminate the cost of wasted samples.
  • Minimize the risk of off-label promotion: Reps see up-to-date specialties, so they can detail products in a compliant manner.
  • Report with accuracy: Gain visibility into cross-border activity and create timely aggregate spend reports.
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Designed for Compliance

Practitioner records are actively stewarded, giving you the up-to-date information required for compliance with PDMA, DEA, OIG LEIE, and more. Leverage HCO licensure and HCP-to-HCO affiliations data to substantiate compliance with sampling and detailing requirements for Ohio Terminal Distributor of Dangerous Drugs (Ohio TDDD) legislation.

Full Specialty Verification

Data contains comprehensive specialty designations and credentials—including MD, DO, NP, and PA degrees.

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Better Spend Transparency

Leverage a single, global identifier to trace cross-border engagement and reconcile aggregate spend.

Automatic, Continuous Updates

Data is refreshed regularly, according to the update frequency provided by each industry source, and by manual reviews initiated through Veeva OpenData algorithms.

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