Uncovering pre-launch insights
Enabling more personalized engagement
Working at speed
and scale

Tom Keith-Welsh of GSK speaks with Veeva’s Kilian Weiss on the role of real-time customer intelligence in optimizing expert engagement to help improve patient outcomes.

Chapter 1: Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Expert Engagement

“We’re really taking a data-driven approach to our engagement with external experts to ensure our science is communicated in a way that’s meaningful and helps positively impact patient outcomes.”

Chapter 2: Connecting Data and Analytics To Help Improve Patient Outcomes

“We’re excited about the fact that we can uncover insights at launch or pre-launch, which enables us to communicate our science in a way that’s targeted, personalized and meaningful to our experts.”

Chapter 3: Convening the Medical Community to Address Common Challenges

“I’m really pleased to see how well attended Summit is from a medical perspective. It’s been a great opportunity to connect with people in similar roles with similar challenges and work to address them together, as this will ultimately benefit patients.”

Chapter 4: Key Industry Trends in Medical

“Having a strategic, standardized approach to data – from architecture to apps and services – is really important in enabling us to work at speed and scale.”

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