Entered a
competitive market
Launched in
75 days
Enabled the field with HCP insights

Building on 100 years of success with generics and manufacturing, ANI Pharmaceuticals launched its first patented, branded rare disease therapeutic in January 2022, just 75 days after receiving FDA approval on its supplemental new drug application (sNDA) in November 2021.

That meant that within weeks, the company needed to fully understand the patient journey, potential prescribers and treatment patterns, and market landscape—and enable the field with insights from each.

Bob Acropolis, Senior Director, Operations & Analytics, discusses how ANI used longitudinal patient data to prepare for launch and quickly gain a deep understanding of the patient journey.

Answering tough questions with patient data

The first order of business: Understanding where appropriate patients—and their HCPs—who could benefit from ANI’s product were located.

“From a patient perspective, we invested significantly in these efforts, and we knew physician outreach was key,” says Christopher Mutz, ANI’s head of rare disease, in an interview with FiercePharma.

ANI looked at its existing prescription and medical claims data to inform field force sizing and identify customers. But this ultimately raised deeper questions that the dataset couldn’t answer. Questions like, “Why are we calling on this provider?” and “Why are we interested in this person in this location?”

Enabling the field with patient and HCP insights

Needing its field team operational and selling within 10 weeks after approval, ANI leaned heavily on Veeva Compass Patient data to quickly answer these questions and make critical business decisions.

The resulting insights ANI gleaned included:

  • The company’s prescriber base
  • Where patients are located
  • Where HCPs are located
  • The full patient journey and experience

“We’ve been able to leverage a number of insights from Veeva Compass Patient data immediately after getting access to it,” says Bob Acropolis, Senior Director, Operations & Analytics at ANI, citing its speed and accessibility as key to understanding different patient populations.

ANI pulled this information through to its frontline sales team to ensure the team was focused on the right HCPs and helping customers identify appropriate patients.

Gaining efficiency with connected software, data, and services

In addition to using Compass for launch, ANI adopted the complete suite of Veeva Commercial solutions across its business. The combination of software, data, and services provided by Veeva Commercial Cloud and Veeva Business Consulting helped the company establish its digital foundation in a short amount of time.

“We couldn’t have been so prepared for launch without Veeva Commercial Cloud,” Acropolis says. “Leveraging the common data architecture across multiple Veeva systems allowed for a seamless flow of data with very little need for us to facilitate it.”

Mike Rifflard, VP, Operations, Rare Disease, discusses how a seamless data architecture helped with ANI’s product launch.

Optimizing patient and HCP education

Now post-launch, the ANI team is digging deeper into the Compass dataset to identify strategies for facilitating HCP and patient education.

“We need to understand each journey and our patient education needs,” Acropolis says. “Compass has allowed us to understand that—and where to go next.”

Does your team need to ensure an efficient launch? Find out how Veeva Compass Patient can help.

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