Veeva Compass Pathway

Better Visibility of the
Prescription Claims Lifecycle

Inform payer strategy, improve HCP targeting, and maximize patient
access with insights into rejected and reversed transactions.

Announced 2023
Status Early

Veeva Compass Pathway is an add-on product to Compass Patient for accessing prescription (Rx) claims lifecycle data, including reversed and rejected transactions, for the U.S. market. It can be used for commercial operations and strategy, such as market access, segmentation, targeting, and patient support.

Data is sourced from claims and other sources. It is a modern data product designed and built for the complex therapies of today.

Compass Pathway is licensed by the brand and includes unlimited data access through the Compass portal.

Why Compass Pathway

Comprehensive visibility and faster insights

  • Identify and address market access challenges

    Gain visibility across all distribution channels, into claim status designations, and rejection rationale.
  • Get the data you need, when you need it

    Access the entire Compass data network to examine all relevant analogs.
  • Execute with precision and speed

    Use daily data to monitor market events as they occur, and prioritize HCPs based on rejection and reversal rates.


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