Veeva Compass Modernizes Prescriber Data with New Approach Designed for Today’s Complex Therapies.
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Veeva Compass Patient Data for Life Sciences

Access longitudinal prescription and medical claims patient data with Compass Patient.


Close Knowledge Gaps

Data from traditional and non-traditional sources offers breadth and depth.

Count on Data Accuracy

Better linking across data sources over time delivers trust

Improve Speed

On-demand data and unlimited pulls offer flexibility.

Patient Data for Pre- to Post-launch

Understand the market and patients at each stage of the brand lifecycle

1Pre-launch Use Cases

  • Market landscape and size assessment
  • Customer/HCP targeting
  • Patient segmentation
  • Patient journey analysis
  • Forecasting

2At-launch Use Cases

  • Ongoing market, patient, and HCP analysis
  • Advanced patient analytics, like source of business/switching
  • Promotional assessments

3Post-launch Use Cases

  • Ongoing market, patient, and HCP analysis
  • Advanced patient analytics, like persistence and compliance
  • Ongoing promotional assessments
  • Predictive modeling and triggers

Top and Emerging Pharmas Rely on Compass

Compass Patient Product Features

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Access Data with EaseLog-in and access the data within minutes.
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Pull Customized Prescription and Medical Claims Patient DataSpecify product, diagnosis, and procedure codes, and customized timeframes for the records of interest.
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Quickly Understand Counts and CoverageUse Compass Explorer to generate a set of key metrics across all data - in seconds to minutes.
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Use Templates for Consistency and SpeedCreate and manage templates for your standard and routine queries.
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Define Your Schedule and Manage QueriesSet up one-time or recurring data pulls and manage submitted or draft queries.
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Select Your Desired Delivery Protocol and LocationChoose where to send your data – sFTP, Veeva Nitro, or Amazon S3.
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Share Data with Service ProvidersEasily and securely provide data to analytics and other service partners.
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Manage Users and GroupsSet up and manage the users and groups in your portal.

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